So Trump nixed the tariffs against Mexico

…and in exchange he got Mexico to engage in talks to discuss what a future agreement to do anything about illegal immigration and refugees might look like.

So- is this a bigger victory for the President than when he agreed to suspend military exercises in North Korea in exchange for a promise to talk about what denuclearization might look like at some future stage?

Someone help me out please…we need a rankings ruling on where this one stands for displaying President Trump’s most astonishingly excellent negotiation skills.

I can’t decide…I lean towards this being bigger because at least there’s a 45-day timeline.

But I’m not sure.

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This is Donald Trump’s biggest victory ever. I know I’ll get a lot of hate for saying this, but this deal is better than anything Hillary Clinton could have negotiated. This is what winning looks like in regard to immigration. Donald Trump is the best President ever!

Who cares. What I want to know is why so called conservatives are so gung ho about big ass tax hikes.

Oh, I’m sure this will pan out swimmingly. LOL

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So Dumpster says we have a “Secret Agreement” and waves around the paper, and then Mexico turns around and publishes the Secret Agreement?

Mexico is getting in some good trolling of the Fat New York Troll in the WH.

Well played, Mexico.


I had Trump talking to the F&F stooges in the background this morning and I thought he claimed that with this agreement (that only took 2 days) he accomplished what previous presidents were unable to do. It sounded like he thought he had a treaty.

Off topic…nice to see you, and that’s a lovely tulip avatar. :slight_smile:

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This is a groundbreaking deal. Obama never got this kind of agreement to have future talks with Mexico like Trump has. Obama didn’t care about immigration at all. Hillary Clinton probably would have put out welcome mats on the border to make the asylum seekers more comfortable. Donald Trump wants to stop those people before they even get here.

Since somehow it went missing, I’m re-posting the picture that I thought was perfect for this occasion.

And why was it perfect? Because it showed a similar situation where there was a world leader that reached an agreement where he gave up a lot and…to be charitable…oversold to the public what he got back in return.



Some people will want to suppress the truth about how great this deal is. Tariffs are no longer needed because Mexico is willing sit down at the table with us at a future date. This is a real accomplishment. The United States became a laughing stock during Obama. It’s amazing that the government of Mexico is even willing to meet with us after what Obama did to our country. Trump is the only person who could have gotten us a seat with the head of the Mexican government.

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