So Soon? Thanks Donnie

He definitely has better campaign communications people than he had in 16.

What Bizarro World alternate universe are you trying to communicate from?


Yet another confirmation of what we have known for a long time.


I nearly choked over the “I’m a disinterested observer” claim a few days ago.

Where are any of the commentators that far off base with what they were saying?..Sometimes the truth just hurts…

On another note…Which kind of plays into what those in the add were saying,…Who changes their vote because of a political add?


Here’s Trump’s new official map of the Kansas/Missouri border around the KC area.


Ads aren’t intended to change the minds of those who already have their mind made up.

They are intended to keep the base fired up or to attract disaffected partisans from the other side or to bring over the 10% or so of undecideds in the middle.

In the modern era they also target independents more and more.

It is the independents and undecideds that determine the outcome of nearly every presidential election.

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There we go. Thanks. Are you smarter, a better person than they are?

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The snowflake herd has spoken.

I don’t care.

Suck it up, buttercup.

Weak, mealy mouthed, faux outrage.


Atta girl!

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OK. I had to laugh at that one…

Looks a little like a phalanx symbol too.


A what?

Then many of the close minded Trump voters…absolutely.



So you are open minded?

Phallic symbol

Ok, that’s just plain funny.


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I think so…I don’t see everything as either black or white.

Kansas has conquered KC.