So Soon? Thanks Donnie

Bigliest POTUS ever! He’ll win by an even biglier landslide now - silly libs!

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Hasn’t Trump Already called liberals every name in the book?

Human scum don’t feel victimized the same way Real Americans do.


Three threads and counting…:joy::rofl:

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Who are they insulting that was ever going to vote for them in the first place?

“Don Lemon is making fun of me because I voted for Donald! Lib mob media has triggered me for the last time - there’s no way I’m voting for the Democrat candidate now!” :rofl::clown_face::rofl:


You are missing the mark. It’s not President Trump leftists hate, it’s us. He is taking a beating for us because he is standing up for us.

The ad ends with the message, “They think you’re a joke. Prove them wrong in November.”

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The mark isn’t being missed at all.

Trump supporters already believe this.

They were never not going to vote…they were never going to vote for anyone other than Trump.

And Trump supporters hate libs too…so this is nothing more than the bases getting riled up.

So how does it hurt the Dems politically?

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I think the CNN panel could use the map, it wasn’t the co called rubes of the south that beat them but Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.


“Rubes” live everywhere.

I get it fine. CNN has victimized Trump voters, thinking they are a joke. Trump supporters will now rededicate themselves to Donald.

Take that, smarmy elitist lib mob media!


They’ll have to meme their way past the outrage.

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Hey remember how you all go so upset because an” Republican cracked a CNN reporter up because he said Trump couldn’t find Ukraine on a map?


I had to look this up, can’t attack him, but it’s funny.

No. You don’t.

No one. It’s an attempt to keep the same enthusiastic angry vote. Without those Reagan Democrats Trump can’t win.

I wonder when the ads will start showing Republicans saying that Trump’s telephone call was not perfect, that Trump’s actions were not acceptable, that Trump’s actions were wrong, etc. etc. and a voice over asking why the Republican Senators voted for no witnesses?

I don’t? Strange.

The accent being mocked doesn’t exist everywhere.

Quite Christ like of him.