So only 266 thousand jobs for month of April

Burning their savings. I mean, this is a problem with service industry employees even when the world isn’t a trash fire. They make a bunch of money, then can’t drop shifts fast enough to hang out and blow it, then pick up extra shifts to make money to burn it again, rinse and repeat, world without end.

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I’m tasked with trying to find people to fill three ‘set your own hours, get paid to travel, never work weekends, never work nights, never even meet your boss’ positions, at 3% unemployment, with an hourly above the higgest regional state minimum wage.

No one wants 'em.

People are, quite reasonably, unwilling to go where plague numbers are bad and active antimaskers make problems over store policy, never mind local and state mandates.

Okay. So pretty much the mindset I just posted.

Work when you get desperate, blow it all, rinse and repeat.

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Yeah my joint is in a solidly upper middle class area and we rely on “you have to work if you want us to pay for your car” kids for the low echelon positions and those same parents shockingly don’t want their kids around a business where they have the highest chance of catching COVID and then giving it to them.

Thank the Lord for Mexicans and El Salvadoran friends and relations of my current staff or we’d collapse like a house of cards.

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The industry attracts people who work for cash. It only rewards those who hustle enough of it. It’s the same precarity as elsewhere, but the cash-by-the-day makes it visible.

It’s always like that in my business. And I’m not in some ■■■■■■ diner or retail place where you’re making three hundred bucks a week, my servers pull down a buck fifty, two hundred a night. A buck for lunch.

Good grief. I’d think you might want to take at other aspects of why you can’t hire anyone.

I just hired a wonderful person at $12.00 to start as a receptionist. I let the folks in my office who will work directly with her do the interviewing.

They asked me if I wanted to do the final interview. My answer was no… Why would I do that when I trust you to make great decisions?

There is a hell of a lot more to a job than money.

This is an excellent point. Nothing like a fat stack of cash to make money real.

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$12 is insult money.

Burger King is currently paying three bucks more an hour than that plus a signing bonus.

My wife hires receptionists at $21.

I mean, you can get them for fourteen, fifteen if it’s a work at home gig where they really only work ten hours a week and screw around on TikTok the other thirty.

That reminds me, there’s something to be said for the fact that service work is work. It’s not an office gig where you spend half your day screwing around on social media.

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It is a mindset, I suppose. Some never grow out of it.

Most do. But no one wants to be a host or busboy or dishwasher past age twenty five. Let alone making nine bucks an hour at H&M. The age they grow out of it.

LOL… No it really isn’t.

Because I am losing money while the person with no experience is being trained.

There are milestones that have to be met which come with pay increases.

Attitude means everything to me and I will work with you (c) until the day is done.

Some folks know in order to get to the top, they have to learn from the bottom up. :woman_shrugging:

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My wife hybrids her ofc. She ‘call centers’ the ones who are on home days, and disperses the patient-calls and HIPAA sensistive stuff to on-site staff.

But, everyone currently starts at $21, if they have zero medical experience.

It’s a good gig, and no one ever works past 5:30 or wknds.

Maybe that isn’t the ideal job for everyone.

Good for her. :rofl:

$12 an hour is insulting. That’s insulting for an 18 yr old Dunkin’ part timer with a standing subox appt.

And you are not ‘losing money’ training someone. That’s madness and back asswards.

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Then I suppose if they grow out of it, that is a good thing.

Some never do.