So only 266 thousand jobs for month of April

What happen?

Some in service industry are struggling to find hires since people are making more money collecting UE checks


That’s not really accurate, even if it is a popular sentiment among my peers, who are literally service industry managers.

The problem is that the grist for the service industry mill are 18-24 year olds who are chewed up and spat out in short order but since they’re back living with their parents, going to school online and don’t have anything they need spending money for, they don’t really need to work. Most of them when the world isn’t on fire are financing their weed and booze purchases because they’re away at school or out on their own for the first time.


So pumping trillions upon trillions of dollars into economy won’t get em to work.

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Where I live, not a whole lot of families. Most waiters and baristas are 30 year old bohemians working on their third degree in gender studies.

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Help wanted signs everywhere I look where I live, but no one is applying.

Folks have managed to make do with either cutting expenses (Wife stays home) or just staying on unemployment, which is paying more these days.

I talked to my Brother the other day, he runs a Tool and Die plant, and he said he cannot find anyone to work for him. Even upping perks and offering flexible hours. I asked him how much starting pay was and he said 10 bucks an hour.

Which is what you make on unemployment these days.

So, I naturally asked why he just didn’t pay more per hour, and he said then he would have to give workers that have been there for awhile a raise too.

Which sounds reasonable to me, everyone gets a raise everyone is happy.

He didn’t see it that way…


Well, except for the business owner who can’t afford to give everyone raises.


I’m not going on the road outside of highly vaccinated NH, and well-enough vaccinated New England, until the ratbrained yokels of the Ohio River valley and the Old Confederacy grow the ■■■■ up.

I’d rather leave those $ on the table than kill my wife.

Then they are bad at business and should go work for the Waltons.

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I’ve got no issues hiring thirty year olds. Ads for experienced bartenders and servers, we’re not inundated but apps come in at a good clip.

But hosts? Busboys? Food runners? Line cooks at the wage we pay? Dishwashers? The ■■■■ mostly kids or ex cons do? It’s a drought. We’re paying our employees five hundred bucks to bring in people and then paying the new employee another five hundred, if they last two months, and it’s still tough.

Considering how many people would have already exhausted their 52 weeks of unemployment (and that’s in sane states that extended it, lots of states even with PUA cap out at six months to nine months), it’s just not a reasonable explanation, not entirely nor mostly.

To put this in perspective, I live in a middling cost of living area and Arby’s is paying people fourteen bucks an hour and Burger King is offering $2500 signing bonuses.

Except him

I think you’re right. They’ve figured out they don’t have to work like dogs to have a good life.

I did.

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Meanwhile April job report was revised to 770 thousand…down from reported 916 thousand. A 146 thousand difference.

Also wanted to point out I think I read 48 thousand of those jobs for April was goverment.

Ok…So only 750, 000 jobs added…Its damn near a depression…:roll_eyes:

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That’s odd. Do their parents give them an allowance for weed and booze purchases? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I certainly hope so. I’d love for kids to have a more stable family environment with one parent being at home.


That is the opposite of what I said. That is normally what happens. Now they’re back living with their raise, they’re attending school online and there’s no parties and bars to go to or haven’t been for a year.

I mean, hell, I’m heading into middle age and have serious outlays to make my monthly expenses, and the six months I was laid off last year showed me how much I was spending on utter nonsense and even though I’ve been back to work nine months I’ve dropped my monthly spending like thirty percent just by cutting out non essentials here and there.

If I was twenty and living at home in this nonsense? I could get by and still be getting drunk and stoned several times a week for like a hundred bucks.

I usually do nice bonuses for employees who are performing well.

There is a certain mindset that wants to live paycheck to paycheck and are comfortable with the amount of discretionary income they net.

Take that away by not giving a bonus (because after they got their bonus they call in sick) and now there is no extra money to call in sick.

Please pardon me if I am confused. Where are the kids getting the money if they are not working?