So much for “left leaning media”

Hypno toad says:


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Even when my sarcasm is obvious, TDS can’t see it or choose to ignore it and I’m not sure which it is?

You’re eleventy dimensional!

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Because they support one or more policies he has forwarded.

People like him will vote for trump because they see themselves in him…and I dont mean the lying narcissist trump is…the “self made” millionaire who pulled himself up by his “boot straps” and made something of himself…which we all know is a lie…that and just to upset the libs…because that’s their real policy.


Thanks BW.


You can keep your doctor.
Premiums will go down $2500 a year
Benghazi was a spontaneous riot due to a anti-Mohammed video
I’ll close Gitmo
Bergdahl was a hero
The Iran deal lies and the dead of night transfer of millions of $$
And my favorite is “I found out from the news like every body else”

Not only did Obama lie every time his mouth moved but apparently he didn’t know squat!

I kept my doctor
That was Hillary
Tried and failed
Don’t know
No lies and it was their money.

So still wrong.

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