So…Jan 6 was just a protest gone out of control but Rudy…

…thinks this is assault.

Seriously…guys? If any of you agree with Giuliani on this score?

I don’t want to hear you ever…EVER…call anyone a snowflake again.

I sure hope Rudy recovers from that horrific beat down….the poor guy…

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Shouldn’t we be telling him to “man up”?

Now you’re just being a Leftist Thug Enabler.

It’s better when narrated by Rudy himself

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Today show would just bust if they didn’t run this

After that sneak attack butt whoop’n by that thug…

Rudy should have unleashed the Kracken on him.





^^^^^^^^^ Nailed it Jimmy.

I would love this if I could.

i was thinking of Neymar

Rudy deserves every bit of scorn and derision that can be mustered.

i’m compelled to agree to some degree

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My favorite part is him bragging about being in top physical shape while treating a pat on the back as a near-death experience.

Looks like more was done to Rudy than to Pence. Wonder why most of the damage done by the right is what they would have done if….
But yes, both the slap on the back and the “insurrection “ are exaggerated for political purposes.

was more done to Rudy than the Capitol Police?

You are like a test AI bot programed to defend Team Trump no matter what…


Its too late to get public sympathy after his behavior. Rudy is capping. Same way he lied about his intentions in the Borat scandal. He has no credibility left.

You are like an automatic attack Republicans dispenser. So what?

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Was more do to the Capitol Police than to Ashley Babbit? Or to the police all over the country in 2020? See, anybody can play.

Y’all making fun of ol’ Rudy, but remember… but even a slight pat on the back can be fatal to those without spines.