So it's end of January 2021 and we have president Biden

Once he takes office. What should be his first order of business?


If I were him, my first action would be to immediately fire every Trump appointee in the Executive Branch and to direct my newly installed department heads to remove all Trump holdovers from positions of power.

That would be my first action, if I were taking the Presidency from an incumbent of the opposite party.


Commit himself to some sort of home?


After firing every Trump appointee, putting together a team of experts on the corona virus and coming up with a real plan, not just hoping it goes away for his own benefit.

Start repairing the damage done to the relationships with our allies.

Stop work on the stupid wall and come up with a sane methods of securing the border using a combination of barriers and technology as the terrain dictates.


Declare his inauguration was the largest ever attended.

Wait, for real, fire every Trump appointee. Make sure in Nov 4th that they might wanna start packing their bags.

appoint hillary as sec of state again so she can demolish more countries while killing americans

What Trump should have done. Fire Wray of FBI.

Like not forcing them to abide their commitment to NATO? Continue selling out to China?

So opening up the borders ago.

Look into all the businesses in foreign countries he can hook up Hunter with for some easy cash.


ohh how about order the press not to cover all his coke head son’s stripper skank bastards

oh true he won’t need to they already wont

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Here is good one for libs…they’re going to love this idea.

Turn Trump over to Iran since Iran has arrest warrant out on hi for killing Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

Wouldn’t that be hoot.

billion dollar china deal.

eat your heart out ivanka

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Hunter could become the richest man in the world!

I said nothing like your last two statements.

He can laugh at the Trump supporters who were delusional enough to think Trump was going to win re-election.

Then explain it better next time.

How would you repair ties with our allies?

As for your border solution (barriers and technology as the terrain dictates)…that’s what Trump is doing now.

get a doctor fitting for a US president

Yes…libs have this election all locked up.

Implement a nationwide unified strategy to contain covid.

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The OP has prefaced that Biden won.
It’s in the title.

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Like locking the country down except for rioting and looting?