So It’s Official - America Has Recognized North Korea As An International Equal


i want to watch how this plays out a little bit. I have a feeling Kim is gonna play this up at home somewhat with the meeting. Curious to see if trump lets him get away with it. There has to be some end game here on kims side and im not sure how much china and Russia are helping.


You don’t know what’s on the table


If NK does all that, I’ll be the first one here to eat crow.


That’s the part that has me most concerned/confused. Trump gave up a core leverage. A key negotiating point, which was the President and their willingness to meet one-on-one with their head of state. He just tossed that chip in without second thought. No concern over the propaganda coup that this would create across an entire continent not connected to ours.

I guess when you elect a moron, you get moronic decisions being made.

It’s just surreal to me that any American is applauding this summit without any concern for history or reality. Donald Trump just elevated Kim Jong-Un as an equal on the world stage. With zero concessions guaranteed in return. Think about that. What in the actual… :man_facepalming:

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the outrage over meeting without preconditions…thats gone for some unbelievable Reason.


As will I. A history of many decades say different. Jung has no fear despite what some on the right think. They are protected by China, and always will be. In point of fact I think they are using this as a stall tactic to account for their failures in the nuclear program to this point, especially with the recent collapse of their test site. Drag it out as long as possible giving up nothing they don’t have anyway while pretending to play nice.


Didn’t Obama give them money?

Anyway, it swent that there is more to this than what meets the eye. If Kim Jong Un can apologize to his people, and make changes to the laws, then I am willing to get behind this decision. I hope this meeting is a success because if it fails and Kim has lied…well then we are doomed.


Great post, NB. Appreciate your insights.


Un can solidify his position with his own people saying he is ensuring their future and not give up one single thing they weren’t already doing anyway. This seems like a setup.


That’s what he would have done… if he hadn’t done any of those things. Good call, you’re right on point with this.


You mean return money that was theres? Then yeah he did that. Would you mind if I held on to your money for awhile?


Great post. Trumptatos are incapable of comprehending this.


Worthy of a bump. I doubt Trumpists will pay heed.


Okay, you are hereby granted the office of president.

Please give specifics on how you would have dealt with NK from the start of your presidency 18 months ago. And I want specifics.


Treat them as the low rent pesky uncle they’ve always been. They fire one missle, turn them into a glass island. Simple as that.


You look at the nighttime romp Un took across town last night, the optics they are feeding back home and across Asia, and it starts to become clear what they’re doing here. This is PR propaganda 101 from a neo-world despot. As more time slips by, the picture is becoming clear. Trump is getting played. NK has been playing this game for decades now. And Trump melted into the stupid propaganda game of theirs.


mic drop


And in turn China launches at us


Negative. China would not launch against us based on an unprovoked attack by North Korea.


Thanks, and “Trumptatos” - that’s great, I’m stealing it.