So It’s Official - America Has Recognized North Korea As An International Equal

Okay folks. You saw it yourself. America has now officially given Kim Jong-Un and North Korea what they have craved for decades. Legitimacy on the global stage by recognition from the United States.

We got to witness DPRK flags draped along side American flags. We witnessed the POTUS warmly embrace a brutal dictator, known for murdering people across the globe, attacking our nation, threatening our nation and the world with annihilation, and being one of the worst people on the face of the planet.

I sure as heck hope it is all worth it. We better damn well guarantee an end to all of the aggression. An end to the nuclear proliferation. And a peace on the Korean Peninsula. Anything short of these goals will be a resounding failure for Trump and America and a huge propaganda and historic win for North Korea.

So, will Trump pull off the impossible? Or did he just give one of the most brutal regimes on the planet the largest win they ever could have imagined?

What say you?

Why I’m I not surprised. :roll_eyes:


Ahhhh… I’m hearing more of the narrative now. This is all giving NoKo what they desperately crave… legitimacy. So BLAME THE BAD MAN IN THE OVAL OFFICE. Rachael Maddow and you are in sync.

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I wish Obama had done this just to listen to you squeal about him appeasing brutal commie dictators, lib.


Obama would have given him hundreds of billions of dollars…and then gave em access to our banking system.

That’s after kissing Kim ass.


You would have squealed like a little lib Trump piggy. Whee Whee!

Kim Jong-Un’s father and grandfather both worked to achieve what he alone has achieved. He has done what no other Kim could do before him. If this does not end in some sort of victory for America, then what in the world have we done? Most of you are too young to actually understand the Korean conflict. But not all of us here are.


they will all be saying it now. It took awhile for them to form and distribute the narrative to their drones. But yep… its here now.

Oh… and this is all because Trump has nothing else to help the GOP in November… or something like that. Rachael and her friends were frothing at the mouth when they were discussing it so it was kinda muddy.

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You mean like you libs are doing now?

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It’s not every day you legitimize a dictator.

Anybody want to link this nut to the last 8 years straight of Fox News screaming about this very thing?

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That’s a plain fact. Trump, the supposed Master Negotiator, just gave away a huge point of leverage - a meeting - while gaining nothing in return. Just as he did when he moved the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, a long-time Israeli wish, for no concession in return.

Despite what was claimed about Trump’s prowess in the arena, which was all self-proclaimed and believed by gullible Trump supporters, Trump is showing what he really is now that he’s operating in public: an utter rube. There’s a reason he went bankrupt four to six times, and had later to resort to laundering Russian mob money.


Does is bruise whatever vestigial conservatism you have left knowing you’ve sold your political principles out for a Hollywood lib, lib?


Remember the outrage with Cuba and Obama?

In Mother Trumpistan, dictators legitimize YOU.

Ok fine, I’ll do it.

Suck it libs.


let’s give credit where credit is due.

Kim Jong-un would not have done this without nukes. And who helped NoKo with nukes?

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Didn’t think the CEC would ever get over the diaper rash with that one.

And here they are cheering Donald for snuggling up to NK.

That’s gonna leave a mark.

If they give up their nuke ambition, stop brutally killing their citizens, and allow for democracy and it all happens without the horror of war … I’d say good deal, +1 for Trump.

Factually I very much doubt that will be the case, this will most likely turn out as just another manipulation of the Jung regime and we will look silly trying to placate them. Only time will tell.

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