So it becomes a little clearer why Trump cares about Chinese jobs all of a sudden

Didn’t want this to get missed in the older thread.

Trump Orders Help For Chinese Phone-Maker After China Approves Money For Trump Project
Trump will profit from Indonesian resort project that will get $500 million in Chinese loans in a deal sealed days before before his tweet ordering help for ZTE.

Don’t like this source, find your own. The truth is out there. To quote Trump - “It’s called Play for Pay, and it’s totally illegal.”

Huffington Post is fake news. Liberal biased scum suckers, going for ratings.

I’ll give it to ya that some REpublicans are fat, but the drunk and stupid part is usually more on the other side of the spectrum.

It could be? If it is, there’ll be a lot more of it in the future. If it isn’t, we’ll be able to see that too. China has done major damage stealing our technology and they need to feel the heat. Thanks for posting this.

Another version:

And more info:

ALL countries steal every bit of information and technology that they can get our hands on, both from their allies and enemies.

Our good “friend” Israel is one of the worst offenders. :smile:

Then I’d make them suffer for their crimes in a way that’s fitting and would solve the problem.

Nation-states are not persons and thus are inherently amoral, taking action purely in their best interest.


The U.S. certainly does the same thing right back to Israel and every other nation on the planet.

So then, it’s ok for them to interfere with our elections since we do it to other countries? Is that what you’re saying?

I am referring to technology theft only.

My comments do not reference any other topic.

That’s very convenient.:sunglasses:

You really are throwing anything and everything against the wall trying to excuse criminal behavior aren’t you?

If your asking for comparative morality, as I said earlier, nation states are inherently amoral institutions.

Unlike your vaunted hero Trump, who is not just happy to look the other way, but help them at American’s expense as long as they put $$ in his pocket.

I’m surprised you aren’t going crazy declaring he needs to be in prison the way you have about Hillary.

You really are inconsistent when or when not to stand up for what’s right depending on whether or not it serves your agenda, aren’t you?

That isn’t a reason. In my world, I fix problems, I don’t excuse them.

You’ll find I’m quite consistent. What I want with Hillary is a fair, unbiased, apolitical investigation. If she is found to have broken the law, let that same law be applied in her punishment. This goes for Trump, you, me or anybody else. Are you so far gone in your hate, that you no longer want the laws of the land to prevail?