So, if the Democrats Refuse to Allow the Planes to Leave Afghanistan, Will Blood be on Their Hands?

So what is it? Are the Democrats embarrassed by the fact they left too quick & didn’t get everyone out they promised, & don’t want any private rescues?

There must be SOME reason the Democrats are doing this.

But hey Democrats, just let them all die! THAT will make you look even better, huh?

8 Short months of democrat rule & what a mess! Almost every single thing predicted has happened.

The one thing that wasn’t predicted was the Afghanistan pullout handled like it was. Nobody dreamed even the Democrats would be this nuts!

They are lying ■■■■■■■■ ?

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Unbelievable to me, even for them.

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I was unaware you need America approval to fly an plane out of a country on the other side of the planet…
the only way they would need American approval is if those planes were flying directly from Afghanistan to JFK airport or a U.S military base.

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^^^^^^^^ truth ^^^^^^^^^


They seem more concerned about looking bad than getting those people out.

One of the most shameful things i’ve ever seen. :roll_eyes:

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So you would rather they potentially smuggle terrorists into the US?

Don’t you think there should be at least some vetting to ensure that doesn’t happen?

Pretty sure they had some of those on board those swift flights out of Afghanistan full of young men and not a woman or child in sight.

This is such a ■■■■ up we will pay for it for years to come.

Read somewhere they identified 100 as problematic, wonder how many they missed.

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That I agree with you on. But still, don’t you think someone should at least make some effort to ensure we don’t bring terrorists into the country?

Use that same criteria at the southern border and I’m in. But since that it sacred and we don’t dare stop anyone there, this falls flat

Clay said he has a manifest of 4,500 names of American citizens, green card holders, and Afghans with special immigrant visas wanting to leave Afghanistan.

​He’s given the State Department 800 names of people who will be passengers on the first flights. ​

They have the info, they are refusing to do anything with it.

If they aren’t doing anything with it, then that is on them.

Don’t you think they should at least do some vetting? Or should we just have a revolving door like we have at the border?

Of course they should vet. That was not being done to much degree with the hurried flights at the beginning I can surely bet.

The group doing the private charters gave them the info on the Americans and everyone on those planes. They are choosing NOT to do anything. That is why people are upset. They are purposely keeping those people there because they look like the ■■■■ ups they are when private charters have to pull people out because they lied and tried to convince people everyone still there WANTED to be there.

Just like a fisherman who fishes with a net. Sort the catch on the shore. Toss out the bad ones.

Let the flights leave. Unload them all in a heavily guarded yard on an army base. House the evacuees in shipping containers if necessary. (We’ve gotten good at that, after all.) Process them all without the chaos of the Afghani airfield. Get it right.

I’ll bet most evacuees would rather spend a long stretch living in a shipping crate outside Afghanistan than getting killed in less time by the Taliban.

Toss back the evacuees that don’t check out.

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