Snitches get stitches

Not very ■■■■■■■ bright on Maxwell’s part. Just should have coughed up the demanded items.

Her life ain’t worth one thin dime now.

Child molesters may be near the bottom of the prison totem pole.

But the absolute bottom rung are snitches.

Whitey Bulger found that out, getting his skull smashed in.

Maxwell’s fate probably won’t be quite that brutal (this is a women’s prison after all) but it clearly won’t be pleasant.

Perhaps she should have paid a prison consultant. Such a consultant would have told her rule #1, DON’T SNITCH.

So … Is she going to hang herself in her cell?


Wait. They gotta set the scene to make it look like she didn’t hang herself. Be patient.


Only if she knows stuff on the Clintons?

setting the stage for her “demise.” ha. people are so gullible

amazing we don’t know any of their clients.


epstein bird


You sir, win the internet today! :rofl:

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Awesome prison advice coming out of this hard core gangsta thread. :rofl:


Won’t they just move her to protective custody or something?

…and yet another area that the government does not run well. They can’t even keep prisoners safe.

Why? It’s not like she can give them a client list they don’t already have. They don’t want her saying anything and if she suddenly has an “accident”, even better.

Give it up. If they were going kill her, they’d have done it already.

Who is they???

Good question. Who is this “they” that kills all these people for reasons that seem to only fuel conspiracy theories? Maybe Fox News should do a show on primetime about the “they” that killed Seth Rich?

The Clintons.


Also the Clintons.

I just think if the media and we are going to hypothesize about somebody getting killed they should be ready to be specific…not go with “they”

That’s true, however i was addressing the putting her in protective custody remark. There is no reason too. She has nothing they need.

Apologies. I assumed everybody was familiar with the Clinton Body Count

In American prisons…that is pretty much the point. One of the worse recidivism rates in the world. USA!