Snitches Fear Retaliation

I suppose when you decide to snitch, giving out all sorts of information about yourself in the process, it may help to read the fine print stating that what you say can absolutely be made public.

I guess it doesn’t feel so great having Karma come bite you in the ass. Oh well, looks like the local tyrants might lose a few boot lickers. :person_shrugging:


Patricia felt she was doing the right thing but won’t do it again. She could lose her job. :rofl:

Not only that but who will hire someone who goes to the government before they discuss their concerns with their employers?


Actions have consequences…always.


Guess it is okay with her for her to cause her company to suffer a financial loss but it isn’t okay if it is her :woman_shrugging:


Ms Becker said she was ‘mortified’ when she drove by a golf course and saw a crowd gathered around a food truck and eating at tables together.

How dare they enjoy each other’s company! :rofl:


Retaliation in the workplace is bad… this isn’t a hot take

Another example of loser mentality :laughing:


That is awesome.

There were a lot more snitches than I thought.

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You guys love snitches though. People be like, oh this teacher said some weird ■■■■ in a seventh grade social studies class in downstate Illinois so some snitch went straight to Fox News and y’all like, thank you for your service person with a GoFundMe raising money off it, now we’re gonna talk about this like it’s Ukraine for a week.


Anyone has the right to face their accuser. That’s the US. If it didn’t work that way, that situation would be much worse than what’s being stated here IMO. There are too many liars amongst us and isn’t that truth the real shame?


Conservatives gonna try to sing Spice 1 songs about dumping snitches in ditches lol. Back the blue!

They have literally created new laws to award snitches. If a teacher is making little Johnny feel bad because the teacher said slavery existed… little Johnny and parents are encouraged to snitch.

If Karen sees an abortion happen, she can be awarded for snitching.


This is the part where libs desperately try to equate snitching on people eating outside together at a golf course to outing child predators throughout the school system.

Good times. lol


That’s different.

Because parental control baby!

Really…it’s been libs practice for decades and decades. It’s time for em to get a taste of their medicine.


Teaching about black history is child predation?

What a stupid response. Go get some coffee. :rofl:

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That’s the exact kind of snitches in the schools that were brought up as examples.

You were the first…and only…one to go the child predator route.

Work place retaliation is a lib problem? Wasn’t it libs who created laws against the workplace retaliation?

I’d say go read it again, but I’ll just wait until you appear better caffeinated. lol