Sneaky's Legacy on Central American Children

So maybe some of you critics might want to come down out the stands and get in the game?

Put your money where their mouths are, as it were?

I might be able to help you a bit.

I can even teach you how to do it like I’m teaching him.

That’s what helping looks like.


For anybody offended by black face, get over it.


It’s all about politics.


Flag it. Policy put me shining that light in that child’s mouth while he injected anesthesia so we could pull the rotten, infected teeth out of his face. That’s the school the team before had help build a few before we are doing it in.

Politics put a rifle in my hand afterwards to help keep him alive.

I should have known the sting would result in this kind of response. I didn’t expect it would come from you.



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Lmao OP, don’t be so upset that Trump is a coward that went back on his pledge.


8th post until Trump. Progress.

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Well, why else did you decide to post this now? Because coward Trump waved the white flag at the libs.

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If he lived, he’d be about 40 now. Maybe a little younger. Wonder where he is.

thats impressive

whats on his face?

oh obscured nvrmnd

poor kid. must have felt good to help

Just keep showing your ass over and over.

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do you want a cookie?


Is it not a response to the Trump legacy thread? Generally, such response threads are considered trolling and deleted. I’m not saying your thread it-just stating what the typical standard is.

What exactly are we supposed to be discussing here? We can’t talk about you, because that’s making things personal and someone will flag.

And since we can’t talk about you, the subject of the thread, why is this in politics?

There were 148 of them that day.

Thank you for your service.

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how about “regardless of our differences that’s comendable”

A lot of us do things others might find commendable. Are such threads open game in the politics forum now?

You talk about me all the time. Flag it you don’t like it.

I understand.