Smugglers are sawing through new sections of trump’s border wall

Meanwhile, companies and individuals are still hiring illegal immigrants at a record pace with no repercussions whatsoever.

Mexico was smart not to pay for the wall.

I also heard they invented something called a ‘ladder’ that also appears to work. :man_shrugging:


Last night: Fat donald says you can’t cut through the wall.

This morning: WP reports that smugglers are absolutely cutting through Trump’s wall.

Folks, you have to watch this video, it’s ■■■■■■■ hilarious! :rofl::rofl::rofl::flushed:

I trust Donald Trump way more than I trust the failing Washington Post.


Has he ever heard of diamond cutting tools? They are quite common.

You trust a man who thinks that “you can’t cut through hardened rebar”?!?
Someone who has built as many buildings as he has should know better.
Anyone who has seen work on sidewalks knows that you can cut through concrete.


On immigration defiantly, the left want decriminalized border crossings and free healthcare to illegals. If the democrats get literally crushed in 2020 in the rust-belt they can go back to the debates were they proposed that crap and look in the mirror.

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Fat donald wouldn’t know, he’s never worked a day in his life.

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Does this pleasing libs?

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This is why I trust him. His track record on knowing what he’s talking about is beyond the pale.

His track record of knowing what he’s talking about is beyond something. Belief, that’s what his track record is beyond.

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That fat donald is conning his supporters? Yes.

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It’s not that simple one can’t take a single event and claim failure without looking at the bigger picture. For instance Hungary put up a border fence during the migration crisis and illegal immigration was cut 99%. Should they focus on the 1% of the times it failed. Should Israel count the dramatic decrease in suicide bombings or the handful that got through after their wall? Obviously a wall isn’t going to be perfect but it is better than the democrat solution to free tax payer healthcare to anyone that makes it over.

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Are conservatives ready to admit the wall is a waste of time and money; that it doesn’t work as promised?

Right? Even if the wall fails at least Donald built it exactly as he promised! At least he tried. Libs would tear the wall down and let rapists and thieves from the failed socialist nations of Latin America pour across our border, just to secure more votes as they pass on free goodies at the US taxpayer expense!


Given a bucket with a hole in 1% of the bottom, how much water will it hold?

False analogy. Why ignore the statistics Hexenbiest cited?

But the real way to have illegal immmigrants stop coming is to punish businesses that hire them. As in take their businesses away. Slaps on the wrist are never going to work.

Has the wall been that effective?

It was simply predictable, despite The Messiah’s know nothing prattling on last night about concrete, rebar, and steel. Unless he thought he was talking to people who don’t know any better and will believe any lie that blithers through his pie hole.


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You don’t have to take their damn business away to slap them upside the head, sheesh. That really would be fascist.


Thousand dollar fines for companies that make millions of dollars isn’t going to work.

Make it a debilitating fine that will actually harm their business, and then maybe they’ll start following the law.

Similarly, any illegal immigrant who has been deported more than twice and commits a crime here - lock him up forever. (I’d prefer execution, but I know “humanitarian concerns” would not make that possible.)

And any illegal immigrant who has been “rescued” by politicians bending laws in their favor or refusing to enforce the laws - the family of the victim of any crime this individual commits should be able to sue that politician just as if they’d committed the crime themselves.

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