Smollett Case Handled Improperly Says Retired Judge Sheila O'Brien

The Smollett case just got more interesting when a retired appellate court judge, who was observing while retired, stated that Foxx’s handling of this was inappropriate and is now pushing for a special prosecutor to investigate this. Foxx recused herself and then jumped back in at a later date and dropped the charges. Judge Leroy Martin is set to relook at this but O’brien suggested he too recuse himself due to his son works for Foxx. The judge has a week to decide what he’ll do.

I’m proud of this Judge O’brien and her good intent to seek equal justice for all. What say you?

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Jessie Smollet dominated the news at one time and I’d think this is much more interesting but I’m not seeing it covered much by the MSM? I wonder why?

It is an interesting turnabout.

Does faking a hate crime become a hate crime?

IMO it certainly should be for the very same reasoning that hate crime legislation exists at all.


I think you will be hard pressed to find anyone who thinks justice was served in the Smollett case.

But I know this will thread will devolve into the usual suspects talking about a media conspiracy.

For me the interest is to see that Smollet faces a charge commensurate with the hoax he fabricated.

I think this will happen and only because the Chicago PD is still really angry about it.

I am in no big hurry.


I can’t believe this judge came out of retirement over this it upset her so much? If she gets a special prosecutor to investigate this, it will be interesting to see the web of deceit revealed and who is involved? The bad news is…Jussie may no longer be his “mother’s child”.

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How can a retired judge have any sway over any of this?

Dont care.

I still think he should have done some jail time. If they find out there was some nefarious things going on, anyone involved should also be prosecuted.

He played a dangerous game and I have no sympathy for him.

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Since there werrw no charges filed smollett was completely exonerated…

That’s the standard for the president. Actors are generally regarded as role models for children, so society holds them to a higher standard.

I listened to her when she announced her plans and although she herself does not, she’s well respected and has contacted those that can have “sway” over this.

I’ll go along with that? Assign a special prosecutor and if there’s no evidence to file charges, he’s exonerated?

Then why reply? Did I miss where you were asked what your feelings were? Or are you just trying to stifle the subjects that you dont like?

Because everyone should know my feelings on the matter.

Isn’t the Chicago PD notoriously corrupt? Maybe it’s best from their perspective this stays out of the spotlight.