Smithsonian official says he was told Trump didn't 'want to see anything

Omg… The snowflake in chief doesn’t want to acknowledge America’s ugly past…

An equally likely explanation is that he is bored by museums. Any museum.

It sounds like the original impetus for the visit was to “do something black on MLK day”

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Trump doesn’t seem like someone who is really that into history or museums.

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This man cares very little about educating himself.

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The trigger point:

"Bunch also alleged that the Trump officials told him shortly before his arrival that he “was in a foul mood and that he did not want to see anything ‘difficult,’” according to The Post. "

The Post says that Bunch said that someone else said that Trump said …

Typical journalism nowadays.

So since Trump was pissy he didn’t want to see real history… Got it

As is typical of leftist arguments here:

So … ( … insert something I did not say … )


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More TDS…

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Lolol at TDS what ever dude we know your games …


Trump Demonstrated Stupidly


Yeah because those kind of arguments are limited to the left here :roll_eyes:

I never have a rightie do it to me, and I never do it to anyone else.

And I don’t let that kind of crap stand when it’s pulled on me.

More fluff pieces from the gossip corner to keep the rage rolling. Seek and ye shall find. lol

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“I voted for policy, not intellectual curiosity.”


Trump’s Decidedly Stupid

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“I raged for years over Obama’s tan suit, but think being angry at Trump being pissy and not wanting to see anything at the museum is childish.”


So says the side that raged over mustard on a hamburger.

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Sounds dumb, whatever that was. lol

Welp, talk to all your Loyalist poster friends and find out why they were so enraged.

I’m busy laughing at y’all for being everything y’all rage against. lol


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