SLIP OF THE TONGUE? Georgia Dem Admits ‘Blue Wave’ Includes ‘Undocumented’ Voters

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Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams raised eyebrows throughout the state over the weekend; bizarrely admitting the predicted “blue wave” requires all voters -including those without “documentation.”

Abrams was speaking during a campaign rally late-last week when she commented on the progressives’ prospects of retaking control of Congress this fall; saying the “blue wave” was comprised of “those who are documented and undocumented.”

“But the thing of it is, the blue wave is African-American. It’s white, it’s Latino, it’s Asian Pacific Islander. It is disabled. It is differently abled. It is LGBTQ. It is law enforcement. It is veterans,” Abrams said to cheers. “It is made up of those who are told they are not worthy of being here … those who are documented and undocumented.”