Slick Willy and Shyster Farrakhan

Any body can call them self a Jew today, hell any one can call them self a Preacher today, if you were smart, and even if you disagree with the Bible It has kept the record of who is who all through history, at least read it for that.

Fox news is upset. This is unusual.


Unless you are blind, he is seated next to Rev. Jackson. Those appear to a few reserved seats at the front row, should he have left the funeral?

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Frothing and unhinged

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Farrakhan is a right winger but he’s alright.

Who called Farrakhan “black Hitler?”

Remember when Bill Clinton was almost removed from the White House for having sex and then lying about it? I miss those days.

They found a common denominator. :sunglasses:


“Black Hitler”? I must have missed Farrakhan murdering millions of people.

Nothing like some antisemitism to show us what you are about.

Bill Clinton didn’t take any heat for that funeral appearance from any sane and rational person.

That much I do know.

I don’t agree with this guilt by lose association any more than I do when I see some rant from the left because some Republican candidate attended a meeting that a nationalist type also attended.
Being at the same meeting doesn’t believe you both believe the same things.

This is a rather recent rule. It started in January, 2017.

Actually, that was about the perjury.

Combined with a comment in the OP and I thought of this:

“and then lying about it”.

I don’t know how many people have to go to prison in Trump’s world for you guys to hold him to the same standard. Considering this ■■■■■ won’t sit for an interview, he should grab himself.

Hey, you brought up Clinton and asserted the wrong reason for the impeachment … so excuse me if I thought you’d accept correction.

But go on and rant.

“and then lying about it”, AKA perjury. Sorry I didn’t fill in the blank about the lie being to a grand jury. Parse it into oblivion though. Have fun.

He just advocates for the genocide of all white people around the globe. Yeah no problem there, heh?