"Sleepy eyes" antisemitic or not

Trump attack at Jewish reporter Chuck Todd host of Meet the Press today calling him “Sleepy eyes” which some people are claiming is antisemitic based on Nazi related and white supremacist using the term or similar term to describe Jews.

When is a tweet by the U.S. president to a Jewish journalist just another insulting childish nickname and when is it an anti-Semitic slur?

It is a distressing sign of the times that this is a question even worth dwelling on. But on Sunday, shortly after Trump again denigrated the host of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Chuck Todd, with his designated nickname “Sleepy Eyes,” angry charges of hate speech began to fly across social media – even though it’s hard to find any evidence to back up that claim.

Many outraged tweeters argued that the president had chosen that particular schoolyard insult for Todd because he is Jewish.

I don’t see it as anti-Semetic myself. I do see it as blindingly stupid, though.

Trump didn’t even know who the Navajo code talkers were, so I doubt he would know things like this. I think with the president, what you see is exactly what you get. He probably really thinks the guy needs a nap or something.

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Never heard of this term. I doubt he meant it that way, but then again…it’s Trump…

This criticism from the same leftist idiots that condemn Trump for actually moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem that previous Presidents promised to do and never did. How do liberals survive from becoming brain dead from whiplash, oh wait a minute…they don’t!! They are getting more brain damaged every day!!

As a Jewish man, Don’t see this as antisemetic. I see it as the idiotic ramblings of a terrible human being.

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Grew up in NJ about 10 miles from NYC. Never heard this term used to describe someone who was Jewish.
Of course I never heard the terrm “white Hispanic” either until the liberals invented it.

I don’t know how recently that term was “invented” but it makes absolute sense. Did you know there are–gasp–black Hispanics, too?

The Zimmerman case.

They prefer Afro-hispanic.

A lot of people claimed it was invented by liberals during the Zimmerman case. It wasn’t.

Yes it was.

Absolutely not. I remember hearing the term long before that.

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No you don’t.

No. It’s like what a Middle Schooler would tweet.

Are you calling me a liar?

If I call you a liar, you won’t have to ask. Motivated reasoning can do all kind of things to a memory. You can’t remember something that never happened.

I’m sorry that you failed to learn about the term prior to the Zimmerman case, but hopefully these links can enlighten you about the usage dating at least as far back as 1997:



From what I’m reading, the term was even used in census data as far back as 1980. So…I guess you just weren’t paying attention. Or maybe you’ll blame the evil liberal school system for teaching me that race and ethnicity were two different things.

Deliberately racist? Nah.

Another example of Donald’s grade school sophistication and sense of humor as he tweets from the toilet? Definitely.

One and done NBA players are more mature than our president. Think about that.

Trump has also probably had more affairs than a bunch of NBA players.

He also talks about women like early rappers.

And he represents Christians.

GOP 2020.

NO. That phrase didn’t just come from nowhere. And it’s all over Storm- you-know-where. No, he heard it and then used it. Bannon, perhaps? Breitbart is big with the (((name))) to denote Jews.

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