Slavery Is: A Poll

  • Taxation is slavery.
  • Abortion is slavery.
  • Taxation and abortion are slavery.
  • Neither taxation nor abortion is slavery.

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Simple poll. Curious as to how the forum stands on the above options.

Looks like a shutout is being pitched so far.

Stupid poll’s get stupid answers.

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is the problematic word.

Clinton said the same thing

Past a certain level, taxation is slavery.

Personally, I’d tend to define tax more as legalized theft than slavery, but that’s just me.

Taxation is theft

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How should a society pay for public works?

I could agree to that.

Define public works.

Come on Sneak don’t play that way. We all know public works means roads, bridges, water, sewer, police, fire, etc. Why do you ask rhetorical questions?

Organized labor and othet lefty grouos frequently refer to our current economic ststem as one of “wage slavery.” The idea being that you can change masters, but all jobs are basically the same and one way ir another, ‘the man’ is always going to keep you down.

It use that way doesn’t seem to bother anyone. Taxes, otoh imply you work someone else’s benefit.

Both uses (wages= slavery and taxes=slavery) are a hell of a stretch, but of the two taxes=slavery is probably a closer metaphor.

Except slaves don’t get to choose what they will and won’t do.

The people of this country can choose to elect representatives who would get rid of taxes, they just don’t really ever do that because … well … because most intelligent people realize without tax this whole thing comes crumbling down.

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Get out in the field and work. I dont care if you are sick. we are selling your babies. No coffee for you. Eat some rotten oats and back to work.

At this point, 11% of participants think taxation is slavery, but nobody thinks that abortion is slavery.

Still, I see both of those beliefs trumpeted here every day, and I don’t have to look hard to find them.

I thought you might be including things with no delegated powers.

Does it? I’m not so sure about that.

Being a lefty and a member of a union I do not consider my work slavery in way, shape or form.

I am well,compensated.