Six people arrested so far as part of Neo Nazi terrorist group

How do you know? That sounds like a giant assumption.

This was his second statement about it.

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Naw, his messages were completely contradictory and he only made the second one after being harangued by decent republicans for the idiocy of his initial statement. He had to be coached to say nazis are bad. It was pathetic.

The young lady was murdered on the 12th and this was published by the BBC on the 14th. Why is it you’re having such a hard time with the truth?

You’re denial of reality is what’s pathetic.

nazis are bad.

Who’s arguing??

Doesn’t change the fact that many people only cared about the statues and were there for ONLY that reason.

What an odd fallacy to respond with.

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“Slave defenders”? Did Jefferson have slaves? Are there statues of Jefferson that is hurting your feelings?

That’s exactly what happened. No amount of YouTube videos or talking cats can change it.

…cept it’s published by a neutral source and dated. Now…deny, deny, deny and repeat after me…orange man baaa, baaa, baaad.

How do you know that? Did they just forget their torches?

Those statues of Jefferson are not celebrating his slave ownership.

These confederate statues are celebrating their fight to defend slavery.

Show me a statue of Jefferson that celebrates his slave ownership and I’ll absolutely support removing that ■■■■■

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Defending statues celebrating slave defenders is more important than standing against nazis. Not good people.

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Ahhhhhhhhh…I should have known. It’s…wait for it….different.

He spoke on the 12th about it. The transcript is in the link.

Show me where he said that he condemned KKK and white supremacists in his initial comments.

Yeah, celebrating the fight to defend slavery is absolutely different than celebrating a man’s contributions to the founding of our country.

ICAM with you. Charlottesville is the battle cry of leftist liberal progressives against America! The disgusting bunch are proud to exploit that girls death who was a member of ANTIFA who brought the uninvited and not legally permitted violent counter protest that ended tragically.

It never fails, liberal progressives are always guilty of what they accuse others of doing and they always bring the crisis that they can blame on others.

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So you don’t give a ■■■■ that she was killed?

Or is it her fault she was murdered?

There was a small number of ANTIFA and Far RIght agintators and a hell of a lot of decent people inbetween.

You don’t have to be an ANTIFA supporter to oppose the statues any more than you have to be one of the NN’s or WN’s to oppose having them removed.

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Why is it, that with in a very reasonable time, the President made the statement I posted and you desired but…that’s not good enough? Then a video of your number one candidate for President calls children of color “roaches” and you’ve not said a word? Why this totally hypocritical double standard?