Six capitol police officers facing possible charges

I guess what they did was far more serious than killing and unarmed girl who was posing no actual threat to anyone. We’ll see if what they did that was worse than that.

Six Capitol Police Officers Could Face Disciplinary Action After Internal Jan. 6 Probe | The Daily Caller

Are these the ones who ushered in the insurrectionists?


Disciplinary actions…are not “charges”.

If they ushered them in, they weren’t even trespassers, much less the fanciful “insurrectionists”.


I keep reading about officers ‘ushering’ . So should they be held responsible? Or maybe it didn’t really happen?

This isn’t how the law works.

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Thanks Captain obvious. I was waiting for that one. Totally expecting it!

BTW, that’s why I said “possible.” Because disciplinary action could include charges. They are not exclusive.

Now you know!


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No, if they ushered in trespassers then they went against their job description and should be immediately fired, if not worse.

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Good God. There you go again. The self proclaimed expert of everything. Schooling the world. I’d bet you’re a real hit a parties.

Who exactly are you asking? I think we both have access to the same report. Right? Read it.


I expect that you’re not.


Of course it is. If they reasonably believed the cops had the authority to permit them in and relied on that to enter, they were not trespassers.

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When four officers have committed suicide thus far since January 6th, it occurred to me that there may be a serious internal problem?


Regurgibleated like a true sheople. So tell me, how many have been charged and found guilty of insurrection?

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There is no world in which anyone could have reasonably believed the police had authority to permit them entry.

The line of overrun riot cops surrounding the building definitely put everyone there on notice.


Why not just say “disciplinary actions” then? You should write headlines for FOX…lol.


It’d make me scratch my head and ask them why they’d do that?

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Sure would. Any thoughts? Speculation?

As the great Sam Kinison once said. Good answer BUT IT’S WRONG!

Cuz I didn’t want to.