Sirhan Sirhan Recommended for Parole

For the first time in 16 attempts, it appears there is no opposition from prosecutors.

Sirhan, as a non U S citizen, faces deportation to Jordan.

Gascon doesn’t believe criminals should be incarcerated, even if they assassinate Democratic presidential candidates. It’s a common sentiment with all Progressive Democrat DAs. This case is an example of why people support the death penalty despite legitimate ethical concerns, because “life in prison” doesn’t always mean a life sentence - you never know when a Democrat will ignore sentencing and parole a murderer.


53 years for a single murder well exceeds the national average length of sentence for the crime.

How would history have been altered had RFK lived?

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That is not a consideration for parole

I believe that he would have been elected POTUS. And if so, I think that we would have been out of Vietnam much earlier.

Well, there is always the hope that Governor Newsome will not approve the parole.

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Not a chance.

Perhaps, but the DA in question has an established pattern of favoring criminals.

The DA in question was 14 when Sirhan committed his crime.

Here’s a thought: you don’t need to have a clownish, rabidly partisan take for every thread.


It appears two of Senator Kennedy’s sons don’t object to his parole.

It would be one matter if Sirhan was 37 or 47, but he’s 77, an old man, and deportation eligible.

I’m not predicting much activity in his later years.

Why do you say that?


Age 77 and 53 years in prison. The average in this country is like 13.7 years.

Quite frankly, there is simply no reason to keep him locked up any longer. A man that old, after that much time is thoroughly institutionalized. And now he’s gonna get shipped off to Jordan.

Sure there’s a reason. He’s not dead. But besides that, I too don’t think it’s a big deal at this point. Let him out and send him off.

is someone’s life worth 53 years?

Based on what?

It wasn’t an average murder.


Would his dying in prison make Robert Kennedy alive again?

He’s passed the average lifespan of 75 by two years, and is eligible for deportation.

Most likely he won’t be our circus or our elephant for much longer.

He’ll be a hero when he gets home.


IMO…he should rot in jail but RFK’s children believe he should be set free…so…so be it.