Single party rule is coming. Good idea?

So here’s how it works. All Biden has to do is to win the election. And we have single party rule forever. Why? Because he probably takes the Senate too. Then Biden only has to keep his promises. The first promise. Legalizing 22 million foreign nationals who will largely vote democrat. The second promise. Allowing millions more to flood in unchecked in unlimited numbers. Without threat of deportation. Then legalizing them too. On top of that, flooding the country with mail in ballots with no protections against fraud. This will eliminate the chance of any republican ever being elected again. Which means single party tyranny. They can be totally corrupt without fear of scrutiny. The "wisdom AOC, Tlaib, Omar and Pelosi will rule. The constitution will be written off as an out dated document written by old white slave owners. Real freedom will die.

You’re welcome.


might as well start your own country maybe gofundme money to buy an Island.


I wouldn’t worry. There are a lot of Dems in the House in swing districts. If they go to far left they lose in 2022. Also, if the Dems take the Senate they still won’t have 60 votes

Easy to say now. But you will have to live in the same totalitarian state as I. Me thinks you won’t like it as much as you think you will. Time will tell.

Can you do me a favor? It’s a really small one. Can you make this the last time you offer me advice? Thanks in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:

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So you think the republicans will be able to stop him from legalizing 22 million invaders? And opening the borders again? 23 republican Senate seats are up for grabs. How do we ever win anything when Biden can bring in as many new voters as he chooses, whenever he chooses?

Correct. Enjoy!

The fear is getting stronger that Trump will lose.

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you’ll have to confiscate millions of guns first

You won’t. :slightly_smiling_face: Where’s you favorite totalitarian regime? You’re gonna hate this. Maybe more than me. :man_shrugging:

Did it bother you when GW Bush was in office and the gop had house and senate?

You will absolutely despise living with one party rule. Everybody does.

Are you for real? One party rule is not going to be a reality.

Why do you always ask of others what you are unwilling to do yourself?


The fearmongering is only going to ramp up as we get closer to November.


This is the Hannity I know and love.


Life as we know it…most important election in our lifetime yada yada…


No. Because the voters could kick them out. By legalizing foreign nationals, Biden will not have to worry. And who is to stop them from cheating once they have all the power? Remember, every single last democrat supported the Russia hoax without a shred of evidence. They questioned nothing. Every single one is corrupt. We already now his to be true.


Won’t work.

One party party!