Sinema pledges to continue McCain tradition

In a statement, Arizona’s new senator vows to continue John McCain’s legacy of putting “country before party.” Glad to see her make this commitment, and hope she follows through with it.

Though I didn’t always agree with the late senator, one thing I always admired was his ability to put the country first. We need more of that in this nation, and I’m glad to see that his legacy in that regard will continue if Sinema follows through with her commitment.

He did not put country first all time. Anyone who supported war as much as McCain is not putting America first but his Defense Contractor Donors. He was same as all rest of GOP and most of Dem elected officials in the are bought and paid for.

“Country first” is just a political phrase to cast one’s own political position as the correct position. (And anyone who disagrees with your position as anti-country.) If I were a politician I would be saying the same thing. (In fact, I’ve said essentially that in other threads. And likewise, that liberalism is a threat to the country.) What would you expect anyone with strong opinions to say?

Sinema will vote 90+% (D). If not 100%. She’s (D) because she believes that (D) is in the best interest of the country.

A majority of AZ voters agree.

“Continue McCain tradition” doesn’t have much meaning either. Toward the end of is political career McCain was voting around 80% ®. A fair translation of the phrase would conclude that Sinema would likewise vote 80% ®, which we all know will never happen.

So it all hinges on the meaning of “Country first”, and without doubt Sinema and McCain differ(ed) strongly on what is best for the country.

To be fair, you can’t know what McCain truly considered best for the country. At most you’re only able to submit that your opinion of what’s best for the country would not involve war so heavily.

i can visualize her being a much better “reach around” politician than him, or was that reach across? hmmm

The bolded looks completely made up.

She voted with Trump 62% of the time in the House.

Not sure where you arrived at this 90% number. History and actual data would put it at 38%.

Yeah, it’s completely made-up.

She’s hardly a liberal. Below is her complete voting record.

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It’s my opinion.

We’ll see how it really goes.

I hope you’re right.

LMAO!.. dems vote how the leadership tells them… Period. They also lie to get elected. No one thinks McCaskill agrees with Trump on illegal immigration except a few fools who don’t pay attention except during elections…

I bet you didn’t look at Sinema’s voting record before you posted here.

I would feel better about her if she had defeated a real lousy candidate.

I thought McSally was an excellent candidate and brought a lot to the table.

If she follows the Manchin model, that would be good.

I agree, but I’m very skeptical of her following in that mold.

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following McCain tradition? when did she enlist in the Navy?

She’ll do what the people want, which means she’ll be a liberal.