Since when is this a problem?

Biden like many others runs on his religious affiliation and it’s a major issue in many if not all presidential campaigns so since when is it against the rules here to discuss it and point out his rank hypocrisy?

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It seemed to be OK when libs wanted to denigrate Trump and his understanding of forgiveness and of communion.

It seemed to be OK when libs used a picture of Trump holding up a Bible as evidence of Trump’s lack of spirituality.

Hmmmm. Strange. I guess things change… randomly.

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No, it wasn’t. We’ve been trying to draw the line between beating someone over the head with religion and political discourse. The thread mentioned is more about the media’s double standard than it is about Joe being a Catholic.

The point was made. I’ve closed the topic so as to not fester the religiosity boil.

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But ahhh… the good old days.

See the problem @GWH ?

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Things have changed since April of 2018. You can’t dig up the recent posts we’ve deleted and given TO’s for using one’s religion as a weapon because they’re no longer there.

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Can you at least restore my prayer post and move it to a thread in the RF, as it had nothing to do with Joe Biden?

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We have attempted to address concerns of some posters using religion as a weapon, abusing other guests with observed hypocrisy in their support of a particular candidate. The thread linked by @Call_me_Ishmael can serve as a reference to what we’re trying to avoid.

The question seems to be, is that the direction we want to continue to pursue? Feel free to weigh in. Please keep in mind this pertains to all religions.

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I don’t want to see religion being used as a weapon against members here.

But questioning a national politician’s political use of his/her religion and his/her violation of said religion in his/her political activity should be very much allowed.

The thread that was shut down had morphed into a side discussion of Catholic moral teaching, and was ratholing into the mechanics of proper polling and definitional nitpickings.

I can do without the ratholes. But it should be fair game to discuss what a particular religion actually holds as a tenet.


If a thread devolves into bashing other members for being religious hypocrites you have religion being used as a weapon.

Back to my above OP though.

Politicians constantly use their religious affiliations and “credentials” to appeal to voters and to even be a strong part of their platform so it is a perfectly legitimate part of the political discussion and that should be left alone.

Our mod staff is bright enough to see the difference, at least I’d like to think you all are.

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I don’t disagree, and that’s what we’re going for.

If we’re broaching the subject, I think the religion forum is better suited than politics. Not saying the two are mutually exclusive, but that’s where the off topic ratholes begin to get dug.

As mentioned, the focus is on using ones (a poster) religion as a weapon. Even concerning generalizations in some instances such as, “I can’t see how any self respecting (insert religion) could vote for (insert politician.)”

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You already have rules for “personal attacks”.

I can’t see relegating a discussion that is directly related to the political use of “religious cred” by politicians to the religion forum as it’s not a religious question it’s one of hypocrisy.

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