Since the OK gesture has become a symbol of white power and supremacy

I think it is high time that :ok_hand: gets removed from the listing of emoticons that are allowable here at the hannity site. I mean I don’t want to accidentally use it to say OK to someone and have the gang call me a white supremacist.

Can we get this symbol of hate removed before it does some irreparable damage.

In all seriousness, I think this needs to be removed before it causes problems. I didn’t know it was so divisive.

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Look. People use ok every day. I use ok to signal to people while I’m on phone that it’s ok to come in my office. I’m not childish enough to us it or others in a derogatory way. But go ahead and continue to be purposefully obtuse and childish.

Oops, forgot to click quote.

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Last one.

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