Since Lying to Congress is so Egregious

…I wonder why no one here who believes so, has been screaming for Yovanovitch’s head on a pike? Is it a matter of big or little lie? Rep vs. dem lie? Suddenly we don’t care if someone has lied?

She clearly claimed in her opening statement :

I have never met Hunter Biden, nor have I had any direct or
indirect conversations with him. And although I have met
former Vice President Biden several times over the course
of our many years in government, neither he nor the previous
> Administration ever raised the issue of either Burisma or
> Hunter Biden with me.

Yet she admits under questioning they prepped her on Q&A’s in regards to Hunter Biden and Burisma.

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The silence is deafening, I guess they are either digging for talking points, coordinating a response, or hoping that if they ignore it long enough it’ll fall off the front page.


it is ok to investigate corruption concerning Trump because he is in power. Yet powerless to stop Pelosi. Certainly they will investigate Democrats if they win.

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If she lied to Congress, then I’m sure Gym Jordan will be out on Monday with some announcement.

I love kabuki theater.

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The statements are there for you to read. Yet you are not sure whether she lied. Why not?

Under what scenario do you imagine these can both be true?

The practice Q&A wasn’t ALL about Burisma or Hunter Biden. The OP and yourself are incorrect on that assumption. One should listen to her testimony instead of chopped up bits and pieces provided by some right-wing site.

A practice Question and Answer, singular. Not the practice Q&A session.

My question to you stands, how did she not hear anything about Biden and Barisma from the Obama admin, while also being given instruction on how to respond to questions about Biden and Barisma.

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I am glad that some of the blatantly corrupt acts are finally seeing the light of day. Now…let’s see how both sides can handle the truth. Will there be yelling at the sky or will there be a united caucus of American citizens desiring for truth to be at the forefront of our trusted institutions?


That isn’t the question. Did the practice Q&A ever mention Burisma or Hunter Biden? If so, she lied.

You got her now! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

The State Department prepped her. Unless it was John Kerry himself, then her initial statement that nobody from the Obama admin discussed Hunter Biden would be true.

A more accurate description would have been…the “deep state department”. Why should she be prepped? Why them? Why not simply seek her truth? What is the motivation behind the prep?

The entire Prep was “Refer you to the VPs office”. That’s not raising the issue, that’s barely evening mentioning it.

The desperation here is hilarious.

Why the prep at all? The truth…is the truth. The only reason is for nefarious ones…period.

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Lol. Not even inconsistent.

The DOJ would be the one pressing charges for lying to congress… You know, the one run by AG Barr… Can’t wait to see the indictment…

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I would like to see any indictments out of the DOJ for any of the political hacks or government employees. We sure see a lot of the military members charged for crimes committed. How come we dont see 0.01% charges filed for other government employees? I guess it must be military members are crooked and other govt employees are always pure unless they are republican.

The feigned indignation is absolutely hilarious given the propensity of D Trump to live the liar-in-chief credo and Trump acolytes strident defence of D Trump.

Everyone at the DoS works for the administration.