Since libs are all upset that Trump decided to pull our troops back

Come on…if democrats are serious they need to make it a campaign issue.

Vote for us and we will drive out the Turks.

You’re an anti-interventionist, right?

Praising a supposedly anti-interventionist move by and anti-interventionist President…right?

I see you are going into bot mode, maybe throw in some “orange man bad” for spice.


Oh, don’t worry. The Democrats will make it a campaign issue.

Just not the way you want them to.

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What’s the matter guys? You’re doing lot of bitching about Trump pulling back from Turkish border…campaign on driving em out.

Who knows…you might even get neo-con votes.

You’re not thinking this through.

Democrats don’t have to support more interventionism to use this against Trump.

Which democrat candidate is going to step up to the plate and campaign on driving Turkey out of Syria.

Pulling 50 men out but sending 1900 in Saudi Arabia.
Even with republican math that leaves a huge deficit for a nonnintervation president


Stop deflecting libs.

Why would anyone do that, when it’s much easier to just attack Trump for abandoning our allies?


Personally I think a campaign slogan of “We won’t sell out allies who bled for us in favor of a tinpot dictator because we’re afraid of him” would work quite nicely as a campaign slogan.

Maybe photoshopping Trump’s head onto this guy would work too…


Always a democratic president that has to fix a republican created problem…


Which allies is that Doc…seems to me libs are advocating declaring war on one.

The Kurds.

The Kurds? Turkey isn’t our allied? Part of NATO?

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You guys got nothing…and you all know it.

Lol I just realized that this reversed the FP argument in an election year for once. Now it’s the Democrats who will just be saying “Don’t abandon our allies!” and Republicans saying, “Well you have to take into account the geopolitical complexity of the region. . .”


Seems like the democrat that runs on " we won’t be linked by despot" already.

We have everything we need. Well we artn running on sending more troops to protect Saudi Arabia because they kill WaPo journalist

Of course Turkey is our ally.

But so are the Kurds - they’ve expended more souls on our behalf than Turkey has.

As the last true superpower, it is our job to protect our allies from our other allies.