Simple poll about 2020 political platforms

Now that the GOP has announced their platform Who has the better party platform?

  • Republican party
  • Democratic party

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I feel the GOP “elect us and we will tell you” is a bold move but I gotta give them credit Americans might just fall for it.

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I can’t answer the poll because the GOP’s platform is essentially whatever diarrhea spews forth from Trump’s mouth and I oppose substantial portions of the Democratic platform.

Put me down as neither, or perhaps both suck. :smile:

Has there ever been a platform like the 2020 GOP before?

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Not even close.

What the hell is going on with the GOP? It is this late in the game and Trump and McDaniel could not agree on the size and the content. And so they are going with the 2016 platform. What the hell. Does it make a difference? Not with Trump’s base. But there might be some independent on the fence voters who should not be impressed by this lack of organization.

Well, given that the 2020 GOP “platform” was essentially not to adopt a platform, I had to go with the only party on the list that actually has a platform.

I guess the GOP having no platform is kind of appropriate, since they no longer stand for anything.


This is an actual result when I googled “GOP platform”…lol

Here it is - what there is of it. I swear - I’d be ashamed to have my name associated with the management of the GOP right now.