Simple fix for election interference

Polls were hacked?

I agree, having a paper trail that can’t be hacked.

“In a position” (as even your link puts in quotes) isn’t interference. Not until it actually uses that position to impact the result of a race. (No, I’m not dismissing the problem that allowed that condition to occur.)

The meddling in focus throughout the Mueller fiasco was social media and targeted internet ads.

Nothing will stop that. Nothing, except stronger minds not so easily influenced by popups and trolls.

And yes, while eliminating the electronic pitfalls to hacking will prevent hackers from breaking in, it also gives access for “discovered” boxes of paper ballots in obscure closets and car trunks.

Maybe if we’re so willing to trust our finances to the internet and to e-currencies, maybe we should just let paypal or facebook or apple to put together a secure internet voting system.

We went to paper ballots this past election in my county.

They managed to make it overly complex.

we use paper ballots in Canada.

I agree.


Did I say they were hacked?

Your post was actually amazing until you referenced a discredited story about Franken’a election

You said it is a defense against hacking.

Do you carry a gun only after you have been attacked?

No. I only shoot after I’ve been attacked.

I didn’t ask when you shoot.

No, you didn’t. And I answered your question. Have a nice night.

Paper ballots is one way to go. Very expensive though.

Do away with elections. No election, no interference. Plus, it costs nothing to initiate and would be a budget cut. A tweet could do it.

I missed where I did that.

You made that up.

Which reminds me. Never again will I see the old thread about Franken and the vicious bb attack on his window.

I feel sad.

Franken was accused of having “discovered” boxes of ballots that were in the trunk of a car. (Not Franken himself).

I found this paragraph from your post more interesting.

That sounds like if a burglar comes in your window but you stop him from taking anything he’s not a burglar.

Technically he’s not I suppose, he’d probably be charged with unlawful entry (if he’s still breathing) but I bet when the story is told he’s a burglar because despite the technicalities, this is a burglar. He might be a foiled burglar but a burglar none the less.

Boxes of paper ballots in car trunks.

It probably does sound like that… to you.