Simple fix for election interference

Paper ballots.

I don’t care if it takes a bit longer for the results. The old color in the bubble with a pencil ones worked fine.

I bet even my conservative friends here will agree on this.


I’ve seen some reports that that’s exactly what some states are thinking of.

A political party would have to be stupid not to use all of the tools available to them to win. There is nothing more important than ensuring liberals never hold political power ever again. Think of the damage they could do to the country if left unchecked.


We should insist on it.

Here’s one story about paper ballots.

That’s what our mail in ballots are in CO. Tedious, because they’re big ovals to fill in. I’d prefer a box to put an x in, but I do feel they’re safer than a machine cast vote.

McConnell fights election laws tooth and nail. Nothing will get done while he is around. I wonder why

And here’s where they’re being looked at.

And finally, this.

And endure another Democrat attempt at a hanging chad coup?


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What does this have to do with McConnell?

I prefer the old lever machines that NYC used to use.

No electronics - purely mechanical.

Are we going to put facebook on paper too?

But the Russian “meddling” was in the form of Facebook ads and social media trolls.

Doesn’t matter what vote-collection system is in place if people are stupid enough to be swayed by pop-up ads and tweets. Or even by the media.

Oh man… those things were like going back in time.

The new machines I like. Electronic with paper ballots. Less time spent waiting in line also.

…but no satisfying “CHUNK” sound when you pull the lever.

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We know that Russian hackers were in position to alter voter rolls in at least two counties in Florida in 2016.

Even that hippie Marco Rubio acknowledges that much.

No. Just voting.

Why? Were votes a problem? What does Mueller’s report say?

It’s a defense against hacking.