Simple fix for DACA

What is so complicated about DACA.
1st everyone who is illegal should register/green cards or chance being deported.
2nd anyone who has a MAJOR felony (rape, murder, gangs) should be deported.
3rd all illegals should go to the back of the line for those coming in legally or let the legal immigrants decide on who come in first.
4th those who are being productive (college, military, working) should go to the front of the back of the line provided they back taxes and student loans.
5th those who are law bidding and living at home go to back of line.

10 year waiting list to become legal citizens.
Republicans want cheap labor.
Democrats want votes.
Cant trust either.

Hell no. If they have come here illegally they should NOT be eligible for a green card nor citizen ship.

I have said however I support a law that applies ONLY to those in DACA now. with conditions. 1) No new people into the program. 2) They have to renew every 2 years. 3) They can apply for citizenship with a US Citizen sponsor. 4) The program ends in 10 years. At that time no renewals will be issued. 5) Immediate Family members illegally in the United States are not eligible for green card/citizenship from the Children. 6) 2 misdemeanors or 1 felony and they are immediatly deported (they will sign papers agreeing to those terms to remain in the DACA program. 7) Any drug or sex conviction will result in immediate deportation as well.

No DACA without other reforms, including increased interior and border enforcement and end to chain migration.
Otherwise, DACA is just another amnesty.

None of the reforms make DACA anything less than amnesty.

You guys should be sure to add all your demands up front. Make sure you get that pony too.