Silliness of Solar farms

I think we should be working more on tidal flows. They’re predictable. The tides are different from one area to another. Example tides in Cal are different times then Washington state. So when one is slack tide other area is in full swing.

We have the materials we have now we can make em corrosive resistant.

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I would like to see it incorporated. The US doesn’t have enough viable areas for it to make an impact according to the EIA though

They should also know the massive amount of energy and hazardous chemicals that the production of a helicopter requires?

Man, it seems the objection to so many technologies is that they do not individually entirely solve the problem. That’s a terrible, terrible perspective to take.

Multiple technologies will be required and few of those are going to tick the box on every upside and avoid every downside.

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Can you show where helicopters are used to clean solar panels?

Some tidal turbines are deployed. Cool things. But I don’t know how they compare with other methods.

I too would like to see all avenues explored

Well buddy, why not read the OP and ask for PROOF. Maybe he will take a picture for you next time they do it.

You would think if it was common practice to clean solar panels in such a manner that there would be some type of mention of it on the internet yet strangely there is not

What solar field is this? I’d like to research the cleaning methods employed by that specific solar farm

Plenty of references to flying drones and robotic machines required to maintain solar farms. Same issues with those.

Show me one of a helicopter cleaning commercial solar panels. A single reference will suffice

Bird ■■■■■ Insect eggs. Dust. Residue from rain. Etc etc.

I would love to have my own personal small solar farm for the post apocalyptic days after you people bring on a civil war. But it is kinda stupid as a source for an electric utility when other methods are available…

And plenty of other images of drones performing other inspection and maintenance functions on solar farms. Also many other images of nonflying drones cleaning the solar farms.

But you asked for only one and you got it.

This isn’t true

Subsidized or not, they don’t build solar farms…or any type of energy generating facility…unless there’s demand for it.

In order for such plants to be approved, the prospective plant owners have to have guaranteed demand.

Wrong. I receive solicitations from solar farms in New York. They want my business because their demand just isn’t what they promised.

That’s not even close to what I was asking for and you know that . There’s a big difference between a helicopter and a drone. I wanted to see an example of cost prohibitive maintenance like described in the OP. What you linked to was the opposite

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Fusion will have it’s down sides–namely excessive heat production.

I work close to a solar farm (less than a 1/4 mile away), and I have never seen (or heard) such a thing in the 2 years it’s been in existence.

You are about 9 years off from being correct. Until 2010, most solar panels took in less energy than it cost to produce them. The projections are by 2020, solar panels as an industry will have produced more energy than the solar panels cost to date.

Personally, I think solar farms with conventional PV are wasteful. I think a better solution is more house roof based PV panels. I’m waiting for the prices to be cheap enough for solar shingles so that I can re-roof my house with them. It’s a waiting game, as I probably have less than 10 years of time before I will have to re-roof.