Sick woman confronts Chuck Grassley on ObamaCare

Skip to 2:47. A woman asked Chuck Grassley about health-care. She wanted to know his alternative to ACA, and informed him that without ACA, she would be dead. Grassley responded by saying, “what are you worried about? It’s not going to get repealed”. The woman responded back and said “then why did you vote to repeal Obama-Care 7 times”. Grassley couldn’t answer.

Wow just wow. Grassley wants to repeal ACA, but doesn’t have an alternative.

Glad I abandoned the GOP when I did. We have clueless representatives.


Yay gop

Actually, he just admitted they have no intention of REALLY repealing it.

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Throw it on the pile of broken promises they were duped with.

If only she would die then she would be following the GOP plan


She’s going to die without Obamacare? I guess she should have thought about that before she got sick. She has nobody to blame besides herself for this situation. Maybe she should have made coffee at home and put that money towards paying for her own healthcare. What a thought!


Are you saying there really is no Trumpcare?


Because Obamacare was slavery by taxation.

“Let her die!”

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Is that the new rally cry for Trump rallies?

Has anyone ever thought of a simple Medicaid expansion to help those who aren’t offered group health benefits & can’t afford an individual policy? That would have been a far more reasonable alternative to the “Affordable” Care Act.

You mean death panels?

Even the dems want to replace Obama care…

How is a Medicaid expansion for those who don’t qualify but can’t afford to buy insurance a “death panel”?

My gawd… Really can we stop equating stuff to slavery

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You mean what Sanders is pushing?

That video is absolutely incredible. He’s essentially re-assuring her that she won’t die because Democrats won’t let the repeal pass the House.

In other words “Well sure, I voted to repeal it so if I had my way , you’d probably be dead - but I don’t control the House, so my way won’t pass, so no worries, you get to live for now”


You tell me, expansion of various government healthcare programs is always met with this response, along with screeches of “socialism”. You asked if it was brought up; it has and this is how it is treated.

The Affordable Care Act has not been the answer to the dilemma of the uninsured many hoped it would be.

Forcing insurance to cover services that, in some states, were a reasonable cash pay, has made getting those services more of a hassle. For example, in verifying my insurance, it took my optometrist 15 minutes on the phone before I could even take a seat, much less start the exam. And there are providers who offer cash discounts for those who lack insurance or whose health insurance doesn’t cover a service.

And who whose struggling can afford deductibles well over the $3,000 family deductible of some private plans? The ACA needs to be swept into the dust bin of history.

So forcing slavery by taxation is stuff to you?