Shutdown: Message from Commandant of the Coast Guard


Click the link to watch Admiral Schultz, Commandant of the United States Coast Guard message to the men and women of the United States Coast Guard regarding the shutdown.

To the men and women of the Coast Guard being held hostage by Trump, my sincere condolences.

Thank you for standing the watch.
U.S. Navy Ret.


I’ll add my thanks for the service of these fine military personnel, as well as my condolences for what they are having to endure. Trump (as well as many of those in congress) have truly shown what they think of our military.

I have it on good authority from some here that the Coast Guard is actually quasi military.


It’s really cool that they continue do their jobs without pay. I can’t imagine that our commander in chief would go through one day without making money.

It is such a shame that Chuck and Nancy would rather see this than they would border security. Once again putting the concerns of foreign nationals above those of American citizens. Disgusting.


Trump owns the shutdown. He even said it.


We’re in different realities now…

“I am proud to shut down the government”

President Donald J Trump


He did. But Chuck and Nancy could end it today. If they put the security of America above the concerns of foreign nationals. This is true as well.


Which means that he is proud not to pay the coast guard.

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And Chuck and Nancy are proud to have 20 percent of our prison space, filled with foreign nationals.

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The President begins it, but it is up to others to end it.

The buck stops over there somewhere


Not what I said. You made that up. Fake news. I said they could end it if they put our security above the wishes of foreign nationals. My statement is not debatable.

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Then don’t blame Chuck and Nancy for not playing with what the President proudly started.

It is all on him. He started the shutdown. He wanted to take the blame.

Let him have the blame.


Fake news.

I don’t. I only blame Chuck and Nancy for putting the interests of foreign nationals above those of U.S. citizens. They are clearly doing this.

It was the President who started this mess.

It seems like he is the one with the priorities not straight.

Reopen the government and then they will talk.

Easy peasy

Well actually the are putting the wishes of the American people above a “Mission Accomplished” photo op wall seeing as how the majority of Americans don’t support Trumps wall - which is very different than “boarder security”.

To really address the problem and not just have a photo op we need:

  1. Strengthen E-verify and make it mandatory, and make it grounds for denying employment (which it currently isn’t).
  2. Then hold employers responsible for using E-verify to take away the jobs that the come to fill.
  3. Provide a guest worker program that works for industries that need them with employers paying a bond for those they bring in.
  4. Improved walls where they make sense (and no a 2000 mile wall across the entire border doesn’t make sense).
  5. Improved security at ports of entry, you know the place where most drugs actually cross the border.
  6. Expanded staffing for CBP and ICE so they can actually go after those that overstay visas (how most illegals enter the country.
  7. Stop illegals from using public services like welfare, housing, public schools (including college).
  8. Address birthright citizenship so that you have to be here legally to benefit from jos sol.



Talk about what? Giving Trump nothing? They have already said no compromise. Maybe they could talk about the Superbowl?

East Peasy