Shutdown: How long could you last?


With my severance, about two years without dipping into retirement savings.

Without severance, about a year.

I have a lot of expenses I’m sure I don’t need so I could stretch it out.


Many businesses do fail. It happens. Usually it’s not even anyone’s fault.

But don’t try to lionize Trump as some sort of master businessman.


Who cares about the things he did before he was elected President? The only thing that matters is the amazing things he’s done since he was elected. America is 100% better than it was 2 years ago.


I said highly sucessfull. How many people could put over 60 million dollars of their own money into a campaign? Better yet how many people could spend over60 million dollars without selling a bunch of buisinesses period?


The man was making $200,000 when he was the age of three.

He had his dad bail him out of every bad real estate decision that he ever made.

Anyone doing that could piss away money and still be “successful”.

Easy to do when it is handed to you.


Anyone marginally competant who inherited a couple hundred million dollars AND a large real estate company.


Yeah… when your family creates a company to be a pass through tonsimply mark up maintenance supplies for the properties that Dad already owns as a way to self deal to the kids and use the markups as an excuse to raise rents… how can one lose?


I hope nobody in this thread was berating anyone for their current cashflow state as they endeavored to better themselves through real estate investment.

That would ring really hollow.


I’ve never understood this comment. An interest rate of 0.0 is, by definition, lower - so it is almost always worth it to pay off lol


I don’t want all my extra money tied up in a asset that isn’t liquid. If I needed the money quickly, I’d have to take a HELOC at a higher interest rate.

And since my mortgage is only $800 a month my borrowing cost is minuscule.


If you can make more than 3.2% you’re losing money by paying off the low interest rate loan.


Where was all this concern when the country was bleeding jobs, bankruptcies and foreclosures at an all time high with people on unemployment for two years or more? Oh thats right ther wasn’t any.

Furloughed Fed employers have a lot of resources available to them during their time of what amounts to back-pay time off!

I’d like to see the Government shut down long enough to enable a permanent reduction of all “non essential” employees and Agencies starting with the EPA! I see an opportunity to cut Government by 12-13 percent!


True, but we’ve decided not to make additional investments in the market while Donald is in office - so for now I’m sitting on our cash.


Sound like some others that said bail out of the market during Obama’s presidency.


We are invested in the market. I haven’t pulled anything out and H is still contributing to his 403B every month - which comes directly out of his pay.

We are just not putting anything extra into our other investments. So, I have $5k-6K a month I’m just banking away.


We were very concerned and elected Obama… I too, remember the waning days of GWB… :rofl:


The financial adjustment to make now is to get rid of any variable rate loans since the fed seems determined to hike rates. By the way, love how this question is asked but the left immediately tries to forestall anyone from saying they’d be fine. If I was a non-essential fed employee, I would know it and also know shut downs have happened in the past and were likely to happen again, so I’d be prepared. But to answer the OP as to how long I could last, indefinitely, no sweat. I don’t see how that is relevant though, I am not some lower level federal worker.


That’s some revisionist history. There was tons of concern, but it wasn’t on the right. See Rick Santelli and the birth of the tea part movement.


The normalization of government shut downs is something that should embarrass us as a nation.


If we can’t control our borders, we aren’t a nation.