Shutdown: How long could you last?


Yes I do. But better than having a month or less.

Over a 4 year period I’ve spend about that much. I shouldn’t but it’s a fun hobby. keeps me occupied in my spare time. If people just didn’t think a miny me was so creapy I could actually make money with the thing (aka I do a 3D scan of the person, convert it to a printable file and print out their 3D portrait. Some people love them, have one client I’ve done their entire family, but most people find it rather creeepy.)


Still irresponsible when one has so little in savings.

You are just like the people you are criticizing.


8 month worth is more than a “little” in savings. Remember 78% of the working people don’t have more than paycheck to paycheck.

Like my bad influence says – you have to have a little enjoyment in your life.


So it’s still a pittance. I have 5 years worth of expenses in cash. I put between $5k- $6k a month in my cash savings account.


Good for you.

I’m glad that your life is well. But with that much into savings/returment/whatever . . . according to many dem’s, don’t you make to much and shouldn’t you be sharing that with the less fortunate by way of higher taxes and more government spending?

yes I know you are a liberal . . . . . so what’s the deal?


We pay a lot in taxes. We live in NY. We also are very generous givers to several non profit organizations that reflect our priorities. My taxes also increased because of the tax “reform” passed by the Trumplicans.

That is what I save in cash every month. We have other funds that go into our dedicated retirement investments.

This is money that would have gone into other, non retirement investments, but I decided to stay out of the market while Trump is in office.

Normally, I only have keep $50k in cash.


I could last about 3 months assuming I lost my primary job. Its frightening to even think that though. Even worse to have to do so because of two individuals fighting like siblings.


You guys can internet-lawyer how it’s not a big deal or it’s the workers’ fault all you want but the people working without pay are already sicking out in massive numbers or staging slowdowns and by the time that second missed paycheck rolls around, it’ll be an insurrection.


You realize that you’re bragging about banking the equivalent of the take home pay on eighty, ninety thousand dollars a year, right? So you’re in, what, the top five percent of wage earners bragging about you save? Bougie people, I swear.


If the majority of Senators disagree with that decision, they have it in their power to replace him.


I’m not bragging. I’m trying to point out that most people do not have the resources I do, and someone who would find themselves in the same position as most of the furloughed workers shouldn’t be criticizing them for not having much money in savings - when they don’t have much either.

I understand how and why most people live paycheck to paycheck.


There are better ways to make your point. You rich, if you’re saving thirty thousand more a year than the median two income family just in cash, it comes off just as condescending as them.


We are well off, but my H’s salary is under $200k/yr and I haven’t worked in 25 years.

We made some smart choices years ago - like never moving up from our starter home so we have a mortgage that only cost $800/month, for example. That is also our only debt. We could pay off the house but our interest rate is so low 3.2% it’s not worth it.


Maybe it is a bad look to be a spoiled rich kid withholding money from government workers because you are throwing a hissy fit about a wall (or steel slates or whatever) even though you haven’t worked a damned day in your life.


How does getting backpay help pay bills that are due now? Mortgage and rent payments still need to be made as utility bills. How about the small necessary things such as food?

Can you explain how this is the Democrats fault? Trump had two years when he controlled it all and he could not get funding for his wall. Suddenly now its all down to the Democrats.

But we get it, those in the cult of Trump will never hold him accountable for anything.


Trump Steaks.
Trump Airlines.
Trump Vodka.
Trump: The Board Game.
Trump New Media.
Trump Morgage.
Trump Magazine.
Trump Ice.
Trump University.
Tour de Trump.

Trump couldn’t even keep a MLM vitamin supplement pyramid-scheme from going under. The only success he’s ever had was in real estate and reality TV.


I want the furloughed workers to go back to work. I also don’t berate them because they live paycheck to paycheck.

All that needs to be done is for McConnell to allow Senators to vote on the funding bills the House has already passed. But he won’t, so here we are.

And my H is a govt worker and has been for 29 years.


How many of those went bankrupt and how many did he shut down normally?

How many other companies does he own or control?


They all failed. That’s what they have in common.

Trump owns a lot of companies because every single building that he owns even a piece of is almost certainly incorporated as it’s own LLC.

Outside of real estate and reality TV, everything else he has touched has failed.



The SBA states that only 30% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 50% during the first five years and 66% during the first 10.

Track record for new businesses failing it high. If a person has one failure should they give up and not tray another?