Shutdown: How long could you last?


The House has passed a bill that the Senate approved of 100-0 less than a month ago.

The Senate Majority leader refuses to bring that bill to the floor because he knows exactly what will happen.

Money has been allocated for border security. A lot of it. Just not for a stupid wall.

Heck, the President had just last year $25 billion in funding for a wall and he reneged on that agreement at the last second. He had a chance to get what he wanted, but …

So that leads me to believe that the wall isn’t really that important to him if it actually exists. If he is constantly fighting for it… then he still has the one play in his playbook that get people riled up.

The President isn’t interested in actually solving the problem… because why would he?


As I keep saying… Throw the people who knowingly hire illegals in jail and seize their property.

That will solve it faster than anything.


The $25billion put the cart before the horse. It’s a reoccurring theme.


The $25 billion was something he could get. He had it.

He didn’t take it because he is not smart.


Good on your son. Sounds like he has been a fine responsible person.

Now my 8 months of cash – I made a some poor decisions in my past. Resulting in a complete loss of EVERYTHING in bankruptcy. The court took everything out of my savings and checking (left me essentially with $50 cash. Court was notified of my state and federal tax return for the year – that went to the court. My house went to the bank. When your in your 40’s and that happens it really sucks. Worse than really sucks.

Like I said, it’s been a hard long process to get to the point I am. I don’t make as many bad decisions as I once did. I KNOW what position people can find themselfs in – trust me on that. Hopefully people will be like me and learn a leasson and make changes in their lives.


Amnesty first is not a solution.


All I know is if I’m not being paid, I’m not coming to work. But then again, I wouldn’t take a job that required that of me. But to me this entire deal is garbage! Before any federal employee’s wages are held due to a government shutdown, Congress needs to be first. That’s just basic common sense.


I agree. People come here for a reason: there are more opportunities. Until companies like Trump’s are held a coutable for hiring illegal immigrants, no amount of border security will keep everyon out.

Get companies on board, then things will change.

That said, do you think a powerful business lobby is working hard with our president to eliminate this type of labor practice? ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ not.


Of course-but in this case, there’s no reason for Senator McConnell not to allow a vote to let the people speak through their senators.


Yet you are blaming those who are furloughed that they live pay check to pay check for something you were doing in your late 40’s.

My son is very smart and a very hard worker - but he also had the luxury of not needing any loans to go to college, having parents who were able to pay for his initial expenses when he took his first job, and getting a job which pays him over 6 figures.

He also has the luxury of having parents who could help him out if need be.

I recognize these things are only available to a small percentage of the population and I feel terrible for those caught in the middle of something they have no control over. It’s called compassion - something I see lacking by people in this very thread.


Exactly right. Trump is more interested in an ideology and creating an adversarial environment than he is a wall. He doesn’t care about our nation’s security. He only cares about what people think he cares about.

Trump recognizes this perfectly, and uses flash point language to keep his base riled. He is great at that, not so much at actual productivity.


And I realized the error of my ways and made corrections in my life and how I live. Many of them should do the same thing. Problem is many don’t want to and won’t listen to a voice of reason (like a friend of mine I call my bad influence. He’s always trying to get me to spend money telling me I can’t take it with me when I die).

I didn’t have that luxury, a lot of people don’t.

In your mind I don’t have compassion.


A path to citizenship for DACA has overwhelming approval and nothing in immigration reform will be solved without it.

That is just reality.


Both can be done. Law that says a wall will be build (with funding) and a kicker that once the wall is completed pathway to citizenship for DACA participants. also a kicker that if the wall isn’t funded and built by x date, DACA will end and those in the program are once again considered inelligible for work.


So now you are the only person who could change? GMAFB.

You are still financially insecure and not much better off than those you are criticizing.


Your words in this thread speak for themselves.


I didn’t say that. Even my bad influence is starting to change a little (I pointed that out to him and he got a bedazzled, confused look on his face then his words were to the effect of “I’ll be damned, I am changing”).

Actually I’m better off than many that I am criticizing. I no longer have to worry what will happen if my next paycheck doesn’t arrive or is short. Again I wish I was better off, but due to bad decisions I’m not. I still make occassional bad decision (oooh 3D printing, that sounds like a fun hobby . . . it won’t cost much more than the initial investment of a few hundred dollars in a printer . . . . now several thousand dollars later :smiley:)


Which is why many live paycheck to paycheck.

I wish people would get it through their thick heads that the rich are the only ones getting richer now and that everyone else is just a crises away from homelessness.


You mean that I think people can, and I want them to better themselves?


You have 8 months of savings. Do you not know how little that is?

And yet you spent several thousand on a printer.