Shutdown: How long could you last?


About 3 months of regular living, 6 months under bare bones frugal living.



Making better $ decistions is a lot of it for people who live month to month. And you don’t have to be affluent to have a little nest egg to live off of if things go bad.

Here are examples of bad/good decisions. Look down at your cell phone: Do you have to have the lattest and greatest that is released every year dropping 700 to 1,000 dollars on a new one every year? Or do you look down and see a cell phone that is a couple years old and was under $200 when you bought it?

Look at the car you drive: Is it a brand new vehicle with all the bells and whistles (that you probably don’t use), and you know that in a couple years you’ll trade in for another new vehicle? Or do you look at your vehicle and see one that’s 10 years old (but mechanically sound) and know that you’ve still got 2 or 3 years in it before you buy another older but mechanically sound vehicle?

There are more example like this that you can find in everyday life. It’s really sad when you see a couple who make over double what you do (some friends of mine). When one of their “new cars” had mechanical issue not covered under warranty, they were trying to figure out how to come up with a thousand dollars to get it fixed.


And what is senator mcconnell?


I would appreciate you answering my questions before asking your own, please!


I would like to refer you to my post.

I have spent a ton of money now to make more money in the future when I am no longer selling my labor.

Currently, 3/4 of the earning potential of that property is either tied up in improvements or gone because my “quasi military” tenants are forced to work without pay.

If this shutdown goes into February I have the money to pay the mortgage, insurance, trash removal, plow service, sewage, etc on the building.

This goes into March, that puts a direct strain on my ability to pay all the bills, including the $2500 in property tax that comes due.

Taking away the incomes of the middle class ripples through the economy much faster and so much more detrimentally than giving rich people and corporations tax cuts.

Think of trickle down that is actually applicable.


He’s the senate majority leader. Elections have consequences. There’s your answer.


And Nancy is Speaker of the House. Elections have consequences.


Yep. People can make better decisions. I get that. But take the emotion out of this argument; take out judgment about the fact that some people plan better than others.

What’s left is only fact. That fact is that people are struggling because of the shutdown.


I did see your post, and now as when I saw it, I’m not going to give my thoughts as it would be directed to a single poster and would be personal – as such against the TOS of the board.

The only thing I can say is you shouldn’t have put all your eggs in one basket.


I give you permission asa moderator, who has the ability to make the decision as to what is and isn’t applicable under the TOS to say what you want without any offense from me.

As far all eggs in one basket… I find that a supremely stupid and unfortunate argument to make.

All of my eggs aren’t in the same basket. I have other sources of savings and earnings, but this is the one that I have invested a very large chunk of money into to make not only improvements to myself but the town the building is in.

What has more value to a community? A ramshackle 100 year old building with faulty wiring that only meth addicts and horders will rent, or nice new apartments that are fit to house our military?

They don’t get their pay, they don’t have money for rent. I don’t get the rent I can’t pay the people who supply the services to the building. They don’t get paid they are put into financial strain.

And on and on and on.

Trickle down.

I think that the opinion that was expressed may want to be rethought.


It seems impolite to refuse to answer my questions and demand an answer to your own.

Can I ask you again to revisit my questions and answer them please? I voted in my election, and my senators ain’t allowed to represent me. Why is Kentucky’s election the only one that matters, right now? Why don’t my senator get to represent me with a vote?


Poor Kodiak. They don’t seem thrilled about the shut down.


Sorry, but it’s the Truth.

At the big box store here where I live. As you walk in, they have HD, flat screen tv’s for $80. Go back to the cell phone area, they have pay as you go (smart) phones for $80.

Right next to those cheap ones, you can also get an HD, flat screen TV for $500, and get a smart phone for $799.

What is the better choice if you are living paycheck to paycheck?


You and I both know they’re playing chicken. We’ll see who blinks.


One of my tenents is 19. About to turn 20.

He has been in the Coast Guard for 8 months. He has been my tenent for 4 of those months.

He moved in with no furniture and over the past few months has been buying necessities like a bed or a place to sit and yes… a tv.

When I last saw him he said that he was getting a car soon so he wouldn’t have to walk the 2 miles to the base or the mile in the opposite direction to the grocery store.

This is his first job and he hasn’t had the opportunity to build up any cushion In case his income is taken away.

This weekend a massive storm is going to hid the East Coast and he will be out on the water without pay.

This shut down goes on into February he won’t be able to make his rent.

The opinion expressed might want to be reconsidered


You’re a guy taking investment and sweat equity risks. The quintessence of the American dream.

You’re not even a federal contractor, but your cash flow is adversely affected by virtue of the Trumpshutdown because you rent to members of a military branch the Trump refuses to pay.

I don’t think folks consider how dramatic the downside of these things are even two or three degrees removed.

Doesn’t matter to Trump. He’s been doing this to subcontractors for years. It’s not a glitch. It’s part of the business plan.


Obviously, he should have just pitched a tent and lived in that. No need for silly stuff like furniture or TV.


Do you know where he lived the other 4 months?

Without particulars, can’t tell you if he made wise decisions or not. I know when I was 19 and in my first place half my furniture was boxes with sheets over them.

That many people make poor choices is not incorrect and will not be reconsidered.


Reading this, I can only imagine what some must think of the President’s multiple, multiple bankruptcies.

It must be infuriating to think on one who is so callously irresponsible.


Ooh look- we got the “bootstraps speech” mixed in with an “Evil Open Borders Dems Who Want To Beggar America Are Thwarting American Hero Donald Trump And Starving Government Workers” accusation in one post.

Very impressive efficiency.