Shumar's Big Mouth Threat

Regarding the Deep State tactics Shumar threatened that he/we have numerous/100’s of ways to get back at President Trump/Republicans/Conservatives if they come after us. This was in regards to Bar’s & Durham’s investigations.

In regards to Bar’s and Durham’s investigation SHUMAR stated that he/we have 100’s of ways to come back at you if you persist in attacking us concerning Deep State affairs.
Is the present organized riots a result of this threat?

Are you saying our response to CV-19 pandemic and politicizing George Floyd’s to causes riots, looting etc were all designed my libs?

Who’s Shumar?

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No but when the opportunity was recognized it was politicized thus activated .

Quick Google search shows it has something to do with a character in a video game called “Summoners War.” Must be an in game political character of some sort.

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Everything is political…libs have mastered it. They’re operatives infiltrated top levels of our goverment agencies/bureaucracies to carry out their left-wing radical causes.

And the then weaponized em to go after their political opponents.

From what I see yes and it’s only going to get worse with Obama’s Deepstate traitors looking at jail time for their acts treason!

Or you can refer to them as the known Russian collusion liars.

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A known Russian collusion liar, does that help you.:rofl:

Yes it all makes sense now.

It should, they distroyed their reputation pushing that sick Russian collusion lie for over three years.

whereas Trump has maintained his reputation by only telling the truth to the American people, and I thank him for it every day.