Show me the data!

Do you trust government? If so why? Are they special people who have no flaws? Have they earned unquestioning trust? All eligible for sainthood? I compare them to used car salesmen. You always have the feeling they’re not telling you the whole story. Which brings me to Covid. They are claiming that previously infected or vaccinated people are a significant risk of passing on the Rona to others. So mask wearing is essential for all. I’m not really all in with this idea. I’m only asking one thing. Show me the data that supports this theory. Am I simply expected to take your word for it? Why on Earth would I do that? Let’s see what you have. Until then, I ain’t buying it.


in the middle of an outbreak masks might make people feel better but theyre not providing the protection that people think

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I mean … there’s a thing called Google. Just sayin.

Over-reliance on PPE leads to risk tolerance.

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How do you know that? Do you have any evidence that wearing a mask did not prevent an infection?

I think their position is that we should assume that people who have had the virus or who have been vaccinated may be able to pass on the virus until the data exists to show that they cant.

That seems an odd position to me because I thought the vaccination was supposed to enable the immune system to destroy the virus before it spread. But then I haven’t looked in detail into what they are basing their assumption.

I do know they had better spend some time getting that data pretty quick or people are likely to pass them by.

Really? I mean… What did you find on this thing called Google? What is the likelihood of anyone who has recovered from the Rona giving it to someone else?

"The sweeping conclusion from the study was that previous exposure to the coronavirus doesn’t “guarantee total immunity in all cases.”

What the hell? That tells me nothing. The sweeping conclusion is also that if you wade into the sea they can’t guarantee that you won’t get bit by a shark in all cases.

You have no more information than I do. Just sayin.


If the vaccine does not significantly reduce the chances of spreading the virus, then why do they also tell us that everybody needs to take the vaccine for herd immunity to occur?
Those positions are contradictory.


Here’s one thing I do know. I haven’t had a sniffle in a year, which for me has never happened. I may continue to wear a mask at work . . . for who knows how long. Doesn’t really bother me.


PS: had my second Moderna shot 3 hours ago. Feeling pretty good about that.


God bless you. Anyone who wants to should. And anyone who doesn’t should not. Everyone is fully aware of the risks. Let grown assed adults make their own risk assessment.

I started having my reaction about 6 hours after.

Again…we are told everyone should get the vaccine so that herd immunity will be real.

How can there be herd immunity if getting the vaccine doesn’t stop you from giving it to others?

This thing may be all but gone in a month or two. And they will still be insisting that we are not smart enough to make our own masking choices.

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How was that? My wife had it 3 days ago. Mostly a sore arm. My second Shingles vaccine was tough–the whole tamale. But it was gone after 24 hours. Beats the shingles.

I got mine three days ago. Same. Sore arm. My wife got her second yesterday. Today she’s dragging a little.

Good for you guys. But yeah, fatigue is also a thing. But I have to get going. This is report card writing weekend for me.

I had a stronger reaction then. Muscles aching all over, low grade temperature, very tired. It went away after a couple of days. Well worth it to reduce the risk though.

Enjoy! This is FFA weekend for me (Fiddle Farting Around).

You bet. Good for you.