Should women's locker rooms be redesignated as "penis-free safe spaces"?

A disturbing video documents a spa’s response to an alleged incident involving a person with a penis exposing themselves in a women’s area.

Woman Outraged At Spa For Letting Trans In Women's Room: Are You OK With A Man Showing His Penis Around Girls? | Video | RealClearPolitics!

The video does not at claim that the alleged exposure incident was actually occurring as the video was being shot. No witnesses have come forward to the alleged incident at the time of the video.

In the meantime a second report has appeared about an earlier incident at the same spa back in January.

Clearly “women’s locker room” has lost its meaning for transactivists.

Would the meaning be clear if the signs read “penis-free safe space”?

Likewise “penis-free prisons”, etc.?

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When a society ignores the outrage of the zillions to accommodate the few…it simply exacerbates societies problems all together. The in vogue answer didn’t solve squat. It baffles me how so many can be so stupid in their attempt to feeeeeeeel virtuous.


Nothing prints new republicans like a penis in a ladies locker room.


Before you know it, Webster will have a new phrase “penil code”. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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The German name for ATM made me nervous, and they are normally positioned at below-belt height.

Is something similar a solution for “women with penises” who want enter a penis-free zone?


What’s so troubling to you about ‘money-automat’?

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LOL you keep believing this.

IMO A women’s locker room should be a women’s locker room.

It’s pretty bad when we need to return to this definition:

A man who has completed the transition is a different matter entirely.

That the complainant saw the male anatomy as “traumatizing”, though, is a different matter.

Granted, the place to be walking around fully exposed if male isn’t a women’s locker room.

It’s disturbing, though, that male anatomy in and of itself is referred to as everything from “junk” to “traumatizing”. Why is male considered evil in an of itself?

A better way to address the issue would have been to quietly request a refund & cancellation of membership rather than ranting about the “dick”. Is this woman wanting to teach her daughter that being male is something inherently evil?

That’s not such a great teaching for any child. JMNSHO

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How dare women want to feel safe.


It worked for Donald Trump.

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I actually agree that until a transition is complete they should stay out of the women’s locker room.

However, the reactionary response is to be transphobic, period.


Women have themselves to blame for this nonsense.

Per the O P, the loud mouthed complainant is a registered Democrat.

Does this fool not know the officials she’s helping elect support this foolishness?

We can go back even further to 1960s era feminism, which pushed forth the lie that men and women are equal and should be treated as such.

This self identification and equal access to facilities are what a society gets with nonsense like “equal treatment”, starting with “equality of the sexes”.

Personally I don’t give a damn about this woman’s comfort. I do feel sorry for her daughter, though, if the girl was present to hear her mother ranting about the “dick” and “traima”, as if men are in and of themselves on a lower level.

As far as “women’s safety”, it’s an anecdote, but here goes: a relative is a retired probation officer. Per him, the female offenders had gotten to a level of agression on the same level as the males to the point that officers were carrying a concealed firearm to home visits of clients of both sexes.

Women wanted “equality of the sexes”? They need to accept both the positive and negative aspects of “equality”.

Men don’t belong in areas designated for women.

Women don’t belong in areas designated for men.


We could designate “schmuck-free zones”.

In Yiddish that refers both to male anatomy and a person who acts like a jerk.

Anyone who parades around in a women’s locker room with their penis hanging out is violating the designation on both levels.

On the other hand, German women will simply remove their jewelry (schmuck = jewel in German, family jewels in Yiddish.)

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No they don’t.

But this woman made a fool of herself when the matter could have been resolved discretely, and really, her political affiliation is listed in the article.

Does she not know the party she supports is in favor of the “equality of the sexes” she claims to be against?!

She’s a prime example of the adage “Don’t ask for something. You just may get it.”

And she did…in an area labeled for women.

I’m glad she made her complaints loudly and publicly. I hope it becomes a trend.


This makes even less sense than the first complaint.

What is so problematic about the German word geldautomat [money-automat(ic)] that you just must whimble about it?

The problem is that people such as yourself stay on the sidelines during this type of thing. The only people who speak out against it are conservatives. And libs wouldn’t dare stand with conservatives on anything. Libs need to lead on this issue if they truly oppose it.

Oppose what? One-off instances over which no national policies should be made?

Geld has a much different meaning in English than in German.

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