Should we take both vaccine shots?

Disclaimer I’m not an anti-vaxxer. This thread is about getting the maximum amount of people vaccinated.

So what I’m seeing now is that we have two vaccines out that surpassed anyone’s initial thoughts of how effective it would be. Pfizer at 95.1% and Modena at 94.5% both after the two dose regiment 21 days apart. I remember before these two released their data, the FDA threshold was at least 50% effective vaccine (Like the current flu shot) would be authorized for use.

Were also seeing take place what we have been told would come next a shortage of the vaccine which some might get till spring or summer because of demand and shortage.

I was just looking at some of the data of the Pfizer vaccine as well as the Moderna vaccine and I was kind of surprised if what I read was true on just how well the first dose does in providing immunity. If one shot was given instead of two that would mean double the amount of people could be vaccinated.

Now the numbers. Pfizer effective prevention against COVID after the first shot was 82% after the second 95.1%.

Moderna’s vaccine at prevention after the first dose is 92.1% and 94.5% after the second.

I think one can see where I’m going with this especially in Moderna’s case there is not a hell of a lot a difference between 92.1% and 94.5%.
Even the 82% of Pfizer first dose has surpassed everyone’s expectation of the vaccine.

If these numbers are true you can check my source if interested it comes from the companies data, but it would seem if one companies dose gives one 82% immunity and the other vaccine 92.1%. Isn’t it possible that it might be better giving everyone a single does allowing more people to be vaccinated? Of course I am sure they are doing it for maximum efficiency, still especially in Moderna’s case the first shot is 92.1%. I like those odds. The economic damage from this horrible disease is unimaginable and I think it will be years before the true cost is realized

I will ever let anyone put that crap in me !

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But you were vaccinated when you were a child?

Who really cares? if you worry about getting covid-19 then by all means get the shot. Odds are if you get covid-19 (regardless of vaccine) you won’t die.

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If required…yes.

Well I might not get it until there is more info on how long ones immunity lasts if one previously had the virus like I have. The last I saw the CDC guidelines on whether one should get the vaccine if one already had the virus was considered in the grey area, I guess meaning they don’t know.

Each to their own but if I was pushing 70 or older or had a precondition I would take it. I am 38 if I was 20 I wouldn’t give a ■■■■■ The really young the flu is more deadly. Unfortunately the older one gets its lethality grows exponentially.

Back to the post though any thoughts on one shot rather than two? In your case at least it’s just one shot of it rather than two :slight_smile:

I will be getting both shots when offered.


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I’m letting every citizen in every nursing home get theirs first…before I even consider it.

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I hope you don’t.

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I will too…bipartisanship in action.

I only know one person personally who got COVID. He died.

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Ah brilliant minds think alike.

I think the vaccine is a non partisan issue.

Hell biden gave trump credit yesterday.

Trump did a really good job getting the vaccine into people arms.

Kudos to him. That’s prolly one of his legacies as president


I’m almost 70. When it’s my turn I’m hoping to get the Moderna vaccine, it’s reported to have “little to no side effects” injection site pain doesn’t count in my opinion. The Moderna is a one shot dose.
I get flu and pneumonia vaccination routinely now. 5-6 years ago a bout of the flu really kicked my ass and before that a 1-2 punch of bronchitis and pneumonia nearly did me in. Knock on wood, diet , exercise, adequate sleep and getting the inoculation (thanks Doc), I rarely get a sniffle.
Oh yes, I’ll get that ‘Rona shot uh huh.


I think i’m going to get Moderna myself rather than Pfizer.

I don’t totally trust Pfizer.

They were claiming 90 percent immunity but when Moderna announced 94.5 percent Pfizer magically went to 95 percent claims plus they are having side effects.

I hope you do !

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Not until full clinical trials have been done, complete with double blind studies.

That had to be hard. :wink:

I’ll take yours if you don’t want it.

You really want to take a chance like that based on a Phase II clinical trial where the endpoints and protocols were almost designed to make sure they would see success?

Based on 45,000-50,000 patient sample sizes?

Not sure I would.

I can see the argument being made as new cases seem to be spiraling out of control, and maybe the math should be done whether one dose with lower efficacy given to twice as many people in a shorter time period is better than the two dose regimen.

But it’s still a risky proposition to extrapolate the exact efficacy numbers from a small clinical trial sample.

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I think based on the numbers I’ve seen there’s more than ample vaccine to get those at highest risk of serious illness or death vaccinated with 2 doses in the “first wave” with lots leftover.

You could then probably get at least half of the rest of the population a single dose.

If you’re under fifty and healthy you’re at almost no risk from CCPV and that portion of the population could then wait until there is more than enough to go around ensuring everyone gets both doses within six months.

If rationing is necessary get those at highest risk of serious illness and death first and worry later then about the rest.