Should we raise the retirement age........again?

There are murmurings that Biden want’s to do this. Is this a good idea? And if we raise the retirement age for the private sector, should we not also raise it for government workers as well? Why do we always exempt them from any increases or sacrifices? It makes no sense to only punish the private sector and letting the public sector totally off the hook. We ask nothing of them. If our retirement is delayed, so should theirs be. Right? And does anybody want to work into their 70’s so that they can fund the interests of foreign nationals? Shouldn’t government payments to foreigners be the first thing cut?

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I’ve opened up to Yang’s Freedom dividend idea on the basis that we use it in place of SS and medicare and such. It would be cheaper and people know how to spend money better for themselves. Have it on a curve so seniors get more and it acts the same way.

We don’t have a retirement age in the US. You can retire from work at any point in your life. Of course Biden is going to raise the age of SS payments. The older generation has no new ideas except screw over the younger generations. Its worked their entire lives so what’s once more. You know, one for road?

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I say we cut congresses retirement package entirely and make them have to collect SS.

Bet they might fix it then.


Can you provide a link that supports your assertion? Biden wasn’t mentioned in your link.

How is increasing the age screwing over anyone? More SS is going out than payments coming in. In other words, people are on average taking out more than they put in. Nobody is getting screwed unless that reverses and people are putting more in than they take out.

Ignoring for now that we would be far better off financially if we managed our SS contributions, invested them, than we are with government managed funds.

Not to mention, you would have a much better claim to the young getting screwed if we lowered the retirement age than if we raise it. Who do you think is paying those seniors to stay home in retirement?

Should he raise the age for benefits for government workers too?

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It was not an assertion. I said “murmurings.” I can’t find the article that I read yesterday which is why I did not use a stronger word.

Would you be in favor of raising the retirement age again? Should it include government workers this time?

I am pretty sure if they raise the age you can begin receiving SS, that would also apply to public sector workers.

It doesn’t. They get a pension based on years of work, not age. That number never increases. That pension and S.S. are both funded by us.

Pensions and Social Security are not the same things. Separate issue, but they should be moved to 401k’s instead of pensions.

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why would we raise the retirement age? Why not raise the requirement for receiving handouts… to … hmmmmm… “must work for government at job skill and duration commensurate with the amount of your handout.”

Wouldn’t that be better?

“On average”?

I agree. I think government workers should not be given a health care or retirement package that is superior to the ones that the people they serve have.

Yes, on average.

I don’t think “on average” really applies here.

If it isn’t running a surplus, more is going out than coming in.

When age for payout of SS increases there has never been a public employee carve out.
Pensions have nothing to do with age.

Just a reminder, in 2000 if Gore was elected this wouldn’t be a issue. Gore had a plan to put surplus in Social security (lock box).
Bush wanted to do a tax refund.

And I could solve SS tomorrow. Social Security withholdings start again on income over 400k.
Would fully fund SS for a additional 75 years.

I would agree if we are looking at the total benefits and compensation package.But some get their condensation deferred and it becomes a “pension” but many companies dont operate that way.

Government workers should not have a superior plan to the people they serve.

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