Should we call it Chauvinizing?

The new word for what the democrats are trying to do to every police officer? I think it has a nice ring.

  • yes
  • no

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Seems misleading and a play on the word chauvinistic. Should probably be a phrase akin to profiling.

The only difference between democrats and republicans when it comes to police is republicans use lube before screwing us. Either way we get screwed against our will.

There is already a term associated with the surname Chauvin. Surprised to not see the term “chauvinist” mentioned until now:

May I suggest a One and Only?


the police are the leftist lynching victims du jour … it will be a different group tomorrow

What is your point…If you do this…you simply give this piss poor excuse for a police officer a name for ever.

And why does there have to be a name for it. Call it what is is. A bad cop murdering an individual already in custody, already cuffed, not causing any problem…straight up murder in at least the second degree. Why do you have such a problem with saying it? WHY?


Wait Y’all love names. Ever heard of “white privilege.”

We already have a name for what Chauvin did. Police brutality. As to your actual point of the left broad brushing all police as bad, we can call that stereotyping and you are free to call the left policist for it. But I agree with Konssurvative1, no need to immortalize this cop’s name.

Too late for that.

His name will be wiped from memory after the next Chauvinizing cop gets caught murdering a suspect :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It already has a name.

Right. The Georgia father-son tag-team. You’ll have to look up their names to remember them.

Again you have me confused with someone else. I studied psychology in college and we hate labels. So again, you are barking up the wrong tree as usual. You are the one who seems to like throwing labels around considering you started a thread about creating one out of the cops last name and went as far as to create at a poll to do so.

Just stop.

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Sorry. I got you confused with the party who you support which labels everybody and everything.

And your request for me to “just stop”?

Just no. :wink:

I vote Republican except for Trump. So that’s a fail. I actually vote more libertarian these days.

I’ve voted democrat all my life until 2016 when I voted Gary Johnson as no way was I going to vote for Clinton or Trump.

The anti police agenda of the left has made me unlikely to ever vote democrat again. Still can’t vote for Trump though, he is a horrible human being and utter narcissist. He claims to like the police but thats just him pandering to his base, he couldn’t care less about us as the only thing Trump cares about is Trump.

So if I even vote this fall I’ll be voting libertarian again. Most of the real elections in my state, county, and city happened a few weeks during the primaries and the fall elections just make it official as everyone will either be running opposed or the other party will put some cannon fodder candidate up who will get 30% of the vote.

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Welcome to my world Trigger. I did same.