Should we be more upset over the pay of college presidents or of CEO's?

Nick Saban is worth every penny he makes. :+1:

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  1. The foundational premise of the thread is that “we” should be upset … at something. That makes the thread suspect from the start.

  2. People need to learn that we don’t use an apostrophe to pluralize words. To that point, let’s all get upset at elementary school education.


Until people are no longer willing to take on significant debt for unmarketable educations it is also simply unrealistic to not expect those at the top of the game to not saddle on up to the bar for their cut too.

Same with CEOs.

Fact is, to the extent that it really is all rooted in voluntary commerce then people are then free to vote with their wallets and even their feet.

But there is one way universities are different than industry that does make it worse and I would describe it in terms of the supposed old folk wisdom about catching a herd of wild hogs.

First thing you do is set out some food, some bait, and then day by day add more fence till you close the gate. Things like making the world a better place, rather than making your life better, was the bait that is used to justify the debt scheme, underlies political correctness or whole studies programs and the gate is closed. And it’s lawmakers as well as the young who’ve been corralled.

This is something private industry has more difficulty achieving – well, lawmakers aside as they’re easy to rope in because they like the bait / other people’s money a lot – and even Tesla couldn’t manage much more than a niche even with all the cozy arrangements.

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Sports teams also make money for the school. A lot of money.

This has been a part of why some say players should receive salary that has been going on since before I was in college athletics.

For myself, on the matter of the one and only time the death penalty was applied by the NCAA, I sent a letter suggesting that since I was being effectively punished for crimes I had not committed that a better alternative would be to let me not lose elegibility for the period during which activity was suspended. Got a nice letter back saying that they understood my plight by that they couldn’t do anything about it.

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I’m not sure about how I feel regarding college players receiving a salary. If they’re getting free college for being on the team, I’d go with no. Otherwise, I don’t see why they shouldn’t get paid for bringing in all that revenue during the sporting events.

Well, I said it was part of an argument that had been made.

Now, and here’s a kicker, no, not a player: there actually is a way that is completely okay under all NCAA rules etc for a university to pay their players.

They just have to give a stipend to all students.

Of course for regular students the “stipend” would first be collected in the form of various fees and then be returned … but “paying everyone” makes paying the athletes okay.

Not only that, but it would let a university pay those with academic scholarships too.

Just think about that for attracting smart kids or very talented musicians…

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I always used to say as a kid that the straight A’s would come a lot easier if I was being compensated for my time rather than forced to sit in class all day.

No doubt that I could have used a better choice of words. I don’t mean to imply that one “should” be upset, but that “if” CEO pay upsets you the how does this comparison make you feel? (Or somethings along that line.) Regarding my grammatical error, that’s not my first and it won’t be my last I can assure you:smile:. (PS - I was science teacher not an English teacher.)

Outside of football and basketball what sports actually generate a profit?

Heck if I know, my campus was for the nerds. lol

That’s why I said the whole college/sports marriage is pointless and outside of two sports it’s economic drain. All these other sports drive up the cost of the school.

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It certainly can be non-stockholders’ business.

Excellent thread topic! Well done!

That doesn’t change anything.

I wonder how the top pay rates compare instead of the averages.

I’ll wait for you here.

ONLY to the extent that as a non-stockholder, you can choose not to patronize or contract with the business in question. But ultimately, a corporation is private property and non-owners of private property get zero say in the administration of private property.

Of course, you are always free to buy the stock of the company in question and try to put forward a stockholder’s proposal.

I can’t tell someone not to drive their car onto my land!?

Safiel, I do not think there should be a wage cap nor am I favorable towards limiting the ratio between the highest and lowest pays in a company.