Should we be more upset over the pay of college presidents or of CEO's?

There was an unrelated article I was reading a few weeks ago and the author mentioned that college presidents were paid more than CEO’s. So I looked into this and found this article:



Just further highlights the need for reform in the college system. Costs have been insane and it seems like we are more concerned with legislation around regulating college campus speeches instead of the ridiculous costs.


I am more upset that a federal reserve bank is looking at CEO and college presidents pay under the guise of monetary policy.

I am also amused at the conclusion of the study. Since cutting college president pay will do little to the cost of tuition for college students we should look at cutting the pay or number of all administrative staff of colleges.

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Companies are owned by their stock holders. ONLY the stockholders have business or the right to be upset or not upset at the pay of the CEO. For non-stockholders, it is none of their business.

As for colleges. If the college is religious or private, none of your ******* business.

If the college is public, then yes, bitch to your hearts content.

Although I might bitch more at the salary of the football coach than the President. :laughing:


The average university president makes as much as the US president each year.

I’m sorta torn-the really good university presidents I had were basically university president 100% of their lives. They basically spent every waking moment “as president”-they were always on campus, or giving speeches, or attending government hearings/sessions, or attending university events-they were ALWAYS doing something university-related. But they’re also more or less a figurehead. Throw a person in a suit, smile, kiss babies, go to sporting events, raise money, increase enrollment. People are happy. Worth 400k+/year?

I think we do need a serious look, as others have said, about why tuition is spiraling out of control so quickly.

Some of that money should be put on teachers’ salaries. They’re the ones who really deserve it. And that’s at all levels, not college.

envy is a beautiful thing

This seems like it could be a bit misleading as it’s comparing just the salary portion of CEO compensation (BLS wage data doesn’t included bonuses) while it’s including bonus pay for college presidents. Much of the time, salary is just a small fraction of a CEO’s total compensation package.

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Not to mention that the term “average CEO” was given no context. USC has a $5 billion budget. The average CEO does not.

Is it possible to be equally upset with both?


I don’t care what other people make. Those that do are jealous, plain and simple.


Should we be more upset at what college athletic coaches make?

I think we should be more concerned about what Adjunct Professors make. They are the people who teach our children.

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I personally find the “marriage” between higher learning and sports to be incongruous. I have to believe that is one of the reasons for high tuition.

One thing is does highlight is the perception that all CEO’s are pulling in multimillion dollar salaries.

We should be equally upset.

Why? Because market forces enable such gaps in pay?

We (all of us) should be completely upset by the pay of college presidents. In fact all administrative positions on college campuses are extremely over paid when compared to the professors…who largely make the same (adjusted ) as they did 40 years ago.

The problem is that those subsidies that colleges used Get to offset the cost of tuition for students now goes to offset the cost of administration, marketing and new and flashier facilities. The student ends up paying for those things in tuition increases.

I definitely agree that any article on most topics can be spun by the author to make their desired point, so by no means am I going to say that this article is not trying to spin the facts in a certain way. Again I didn’t even think the salaries were close based on my own ignorance. Here are a couple of other sites I found:

Here is my personal takeaway. When many people hear the word CEO, there is the belief that they are all paid like Jamie Dimon, and we fail to realize that many more are not in that stratosphere salary wise.